Do you know the decisions we make daily in our beauty routine can contribute to environmental health?

From the single-use cotton pads to the unrecycled empty product packaging, we can definitely be doing more for our planet.

Switching to a more eco-friendly beauty routine may sound daunting, but it is really not difficult! If you’re thinking of how you can play your part for our planet, here are 4 simple ways you can go green starting from your skin care routine!

How to make your skin care routine more eco-friendly

Tip 1: Save water during facial cleansing

save water during facial cleansing

Do you leave the tap on while foaming your cleanser or washing your face? Leaving the tap running may be convenient, but it is a huge waste of water. Wasting water increases our carbon footprint and impacts the Earth’s energy and resources.

Before you start your cleanse, fill up a small container of water and use it to foam up the cleanser instead. Alternatively, use the same container of water to wash your face instead of letting the tap run. These small actions count when accumulated daily!

Tip 2: Skip the cotton pads

The cotton pads that we use during our skin care routine actually contribute to environmental waste.

skip the cotton pads

Try skipping the use of cotton pads! Simply cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply products directly on your face for your remaining skin care routine. Toner T2 is a toner that can be used without cotton pads. Simply apply the toner directly and gently on your face with your fingertips. This way, you won’t waste a single drop of product too.

Bonus tip:

Cut down the use of makeup remover wipes by using cleansing balms or cleansing creams instead. If you only have sunscreen or light makeup on, use the Cleansing Cream A1 directly on your skin, massage gently and rinse.

Tip 3: Repurpose your products

Many products are actually multitaskers – below are some creative ideas to help you use them in more ways than one!

repurpose your miraglo

If your Miraglo is due for a change after two months, save the old cloth and use it to wipe down mirrors and glass surfaces when you’re doing your household chores. The microfibre material makes it a great tool to give your surfaces a proper clean without scratching them.

Bonus tip:

apply excess mask serum on other dry parts of your body

Finished sheet masking and have excess sheet mask serum left? Apply on the dry parts of your body like elbows, knees and arms to give them some hydration and a little bit of TLC.

Tip 4: Upcycle your empty product packaging

upcycle your empty product packaging

Instead of throwing out your empties, the best thing to do is to clean them thoroughly and upcycle them. Materials like glass and cardboard are sturdy enough to be reused for different purposes. When you’ve used your last Age Arrest A3 tab, use the box as an organiser and store small trinkets like hair ties and jewellery to keep your desk neat and tidy.

place small flowers in empty drs bottles

Our glass bottles make lovely homes for mini plants and flowers! Once you run out of products that are contained in glass bottles, clean and wash them thoroughly and place small flowers in them. A cute home decoration done in no time!

Take small steps to make your skin care routine more eco-friendly

Doesn’t an eco-friendlier skin care routine sound pretty doable? Try your best and take things one step at a time to show our planet some love. While you might not notice a difference by making these simple lifestyle changes, our planet surely will. Try them out and let us know which is your favourite tip in the comments below!

By Editor