Mike Waldon, general manager at salon management software company, Salon Manager, shares how to ensure your business is prepared for the busy spring and summer months…

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1. Clean up your stock.

Before spring, you should take some time to get ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and think of the products your clients would like to see for spring/summer. Counting stock levels to see which products you have in the salon can be incredibly time-consuming, however with the help of stock management software features, you can gain optimised stock levels, real-time visibility, streamlined purchasing and save on costs. Salon Manager can help automate inventory management, ensuring you never run out of essential products and reducing the likelihood of overstocking.

2. Rethink your marketing strategy.

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your marketing strategy and be more thorough when it comes to communicating with your clients via digital platforms. Creating newsletter content can take lots of time, but with software like Salon Manager, you can easily create marketing newsletters, gaining high engagement, high open rates and immediate delivery that’s easy to track – which is great for promoting campaigns or offers.

3. Consider your employee management.

For your salon to run successfully throughout spring/summer, ensuring your team are motivated and passionate is key. It’s important to hold regular team and individual meetings with staff members to make sure they are happy at work and to be aware of their career goals, meaning you can put plans in place to help them achieve these. In turn, this will lead to high morale and productivity. Alongside this, having performance management systems, like those from Salon Manager, is beneficial to keep on track with team members’ performance, monitor commissions and manage schedules effectively.

4. Improve your customer experience.

Your website and social media act as another salon window and should look professional, but also attractive and engaging. Not only should you take some time to ensure your social media platforms and website look their best, but you should make sure that they contain all the information new clients would be looking for. For example, is there a link where they can easily book online? Salon Manager can help create a booking platform for your salon, and can send SMS and email reminders and request deposits, which will help to reduce no shows.


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