Esteemed beauty business consultant & trainer, Nergish Wadia-Austin, shares five top tips to entice nail clients to your salon…

Nergish Wadia-Austin

1. New season, new nail promotion

Offer a special seasonal package that includes unique nail designs or exclusive colours. Highlight this promotion through targeted social media campaigns, and work with your suppliers to offer a seasonal colour palette.

2. Customer loyalty rewards

Implement a loyalty programme that allows clients to earn points for each visit, leading to a discount or complimentary service. This not only encourages repeat business, but fosters an appreciation among customers. It works for coffeeshops and eateries, and will work for your nail business. Keep this programme simple to ensure success.

3. Seasonal wellness packages

Capitalise on relaxation mindsets by introducing seasonal wellness packages. Bundle nail services with complimentary add-ons, such as a hand massage or aromatic treatment, to create a luxurious pamper experience. You could introduce something as straightforward as a new hand massage technique, using tailored oils or hot stones.

4. Digital gift card promotions

Extend the gifting trend beyond birthdays and the holiday season by promoting digital gift cards at a discounted rate. Encourage existing clients to treat their friends and family, extending your customer base and boosting bookings to fill in any empty spaces during quieter periods.

5. Interactive social media campaigns

Maintain the attention of customers with interactive social media challenges or contests, inciting them to share their favourite nail designs or tag friends for a chance to win discounted services. This not only generates buzz, but gets your customers to engage in a fun way.

The key is to tailor the experience to the individual to make them feel satisfied and valued, and you will see them return regularly to your nail station.

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