Do you or your team members need a morale boost? Scratch gathers five top tips to support positivity & happiness in the workspace…

1. Lead by example

“Salon owners can establish a cohesive team through leading by example,” advises Lisa Stone, Salon System educator. “You cannot expect your team to be happy and motivated if you are negative. Lead the way by showing that there is reason to be positive in the workspace, and look to the future by sharing ideas and plans with your team.”

2. Know your staff

According to a poll by employment website,, more than two in five British employees have quit a job due to a bad manager. It was also found that respecting and listening to staff and treating people well are deemed the most important attributes of a good boss. Keep these findings firmly in mind when speaking to your team, as this can influence morale.

“Your first duty as a manager should be getting to know your employees and putting their needs first,” suggests Dominic Fitch, head of creative change at experiential learning company, Impact International.

3. Treat one another

Use any downtime to let your team book appointments with each other for no charge. This not only helps boost their mood, but can serve up opportunities to evaluate treatments and improve them.

“My team members and I offer treatments to each other during quiet times, as we often spend the majority of our time making others look gorgeous, so we love getting together to make each other feel special,” comments Charli Jepson, head of education at Glitterbels.

4. Keep your team busy

“There are always so many tasks to attend to in the salon, so have a list ready at the start of the day for your team to complete,” advises Liz McKeon, salon business expert. “This way, even if your floor isn’t full with clients, the team is focused and productive, which will boost morale. It also helps the floor feel vibrant and attractive to clients.”

5. Rewards

Rewarding your team members for good work is not only a great incentive, but it also helps to increase staff loyalty. “A great way to reward accomplishments is through praise and gratitude,” says Lisa. “Everyone loves to hear that they are doing a great job, as it makes them feel appreciated and valued and it’s at no cost to you or your business.

“Set targets and goals and if these are hit, you can reward with invectives such as products, bonuses, gift vouchers for the cinema or a restaurant, or a team night out. You could even pay for employees to do a training course they have expressed interest in completing.”

By Editor