Party season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to crack out your lash glue and glam up with the best false lashes. Mascara may still be our favourite item in the make-up bag, but there’s only so much it can do, and that’s where a great set of falsies can make all the difference.

False eyelashes used to be quite a niche purchase, only for make-up addicts, professionals and teens trying out new looks, but in the last decade their use has blossomed. They’ve become mainstream and chances are more people than you realise are wearing them.

Their popularity is partly due to the products being so much more technologically advanced. Better adhesives, magnetic and hybrid application, as well as better fibres for the lashes themselves, mean even Bambi-esque lashes look much more natural than they used to. These are some of our favourites…

Best false eyelashes to shop in 2022

Best faux mink lashes

Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama, find them in the OK! Beauty Box Party Pieces Edit for £9.95 here

Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama is great for day-to-night wear

These lashes are soft and ultrafine, and tapered just like real mink fur, except this version is entirely cruelty free. The bands are super-light and flexible making them so comfy to wear. Compared to some falsies, you can almost forget you’re wearing these, especially considering how much volume and drama they give. They’re also reusable up to 10 times.

You can find a pair of them inside this month’s OK! Beauty Box, which is worth a whopping £160 but costs just £9.95 here to new subscribers.

Best for hooded eyes

Lola’s Lashes Jeans & A Nice Top Magnetic Lash and Liner Kit, £32 here

Lola's Lashes make use of magnetic technology to hold the strips in place

If you have heavy upper eyelids, false lashes can be really annoying. But don’t give up on them completely – try magnetic lashes instead. They use a liner with tiny magnetic particles in instead of glue and they’re quite a revelation. This set from Lola’s is fluttery and flattering without being over the top. You get 60+ uses from the set and it’s waterproof, wind-resistant and vegan.

Best for beginners

Eylure Lashes Starter Kit No. 101, £5 here

Eylure's starter kit comes with a spare so it's perfect for beginners

Just so cute because it comes with a practice lash, so you can trial (and error) without feeling like you’ve wasted your money (also incredibly handy if you get flustered while you’re applying and drop one, or put it down and can’t locate it). The set comes with an applicator tool and two glues, and the lashes are reusable.

Best for not having to reapply

Ardell X-Tended Wear Demi Wispies Lashes, £17.99 here

Ardell Lashes can be worn for multiple days

False lashes are a great alternative to lash extensions treatments – except that you have to keep reapplying them every day. But not with this set from Ardell, which lasts up to six days – perfect for party season if you have a few events coming up in the same week. These are a nice balance of natural and glamorous so you won’t feel too showy wearing them during the day.

Best for everyday wear

Tatti Lashes Bridal Collection Perfect Fit, £7.95 here

Tatti Lashes come in all varieties from dramatic to delicate

Tatti Lashes Bridal collection might be designed for the biggest day of your life but they’re brilliant for everyday wear too, as most brides want something pretty but understated. Tatti Lashes also allows you to filter your search for lashes based on your own eye shape.

Best individual lashes

Sweed Nikki No Lash-Lash All Black Single Eyelashes, £20 here

Individual lashes are for adding length to your lashes in a natural looking way

Created by a make-up artist who got so annoyed with the inadequacies of false lashes on the market that she created her own. These are really light and create an amazing natural length we love. Each box has 20 lashes, in different lengths (they are reusable too), so you can create all sorts of looks.

Best for drama

Huda Beauty Classic False Lash Scarlett #8,£17 here

Huda lashes are great for creating a statement lash look

Is it me? Am I the drama? Well, probably yes if you’re wearing these. But the amazing thing about Huda’s lashes is that even with impossible length and volume they still look natural. They’re not cheap and you have to buy lash glue separately, but for wow effect these are our very favourites.

Best for pros

Lilly Lashes Miami 3D Faux Mink Lashes,£28 here

Lilly Lashes are created by Kim Kardashian's go-to lash technician

Lilly Lashes adorn the faces of so many famously fluttery-lashed beauties they have cult status – Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and JLo are all fans. The faux mink range includes these Miami lashes for epic sophistication. lue is sold separately. They’re a luxe purchase so we would say these aren’t for first timers, but if you’re a lash addict it’s hard to resist them.

Best for over-the-top volume and curl

Tatti Lashes Miss Popular Russian Strip,£8.50 here

Take no prisoners with the Tatti Lashes Russian Strip look

Want that Russian lash treatment style curl and full lash-line volume? Tatti Lashes have several options for this, of which these are our favourite. They mimic the in-salon Russian extensions but with quite a saving. No one is going to mistake these for your own lashes, but then that’s not what you were after, was it?


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