Achieve success with this planner made for nail pros
In 2022, nail educator and business owner, Rebecca Orme launched The Nail Tech Success Planner, aimed to help nail technicians organise their business- and now, it is back with updates to help you achieve success even easier.

“I felt after speaking with new and existing nail techs that there was a craving for help in planning and organising their business, when some nail technicians simply don’t know where to start,” reveals Rebecca.

Made specifically for the nail professional, both new and seasoned, the planner includes the following:

  • Daily activity pages for scheduling your day and reminding you of your to-do list.
  • Appointment schedule each day
  • Three calendar views, for overview & specifics
  • Inspirational and motivational buzz word and phrases
  • Social media blueprint
  • One page business plan
  • Pricing strategy
  • Wages planning
  • Running costs tracker
  • Monthly direct debit payment planner
  • Easy profit calculator

The Nail Tech Success Planner includes the covers and dividers to keep the sections of your planner tidy and in an order that works for you.

Utilising a ring binder system, this means nail techs can organise the planner in a way that works for them and archive pages to the back of the planner to use at a later date.

Rebecca has now added the following pages which you can insert in to your planner with your choosing:

– Business Manager Bundle

– Client Bundle

– Marketing Manager Bundle

The planner is completely customisable and with the newest updates, you can change the covers to suit your mood or style or you can move a page to the front depending on your focus for the day, week or month. You can also remove a page cleanly and replace it if you make a mistake or need to refresh.

The planner is printed on heavy, smooth, recycled paper making it substantial for everyday use.

The Nail Tech Success Planner can be purchased here

Catch Rebecca live on our Instagram here on Tuesday 10 January at 12pm

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