Amal Clooney has such a timeless beauty look that she rarely needs to stray from her typical glossy dark hair colour and minimal, chic make-up. However, the barrister has just decided to switch up her look slightly for the colder season with a warm-toned and lighter brunette hue.

Amal, 44, is pictured with her new tresses in a glamorous Instagram snap posted by her hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, who also works with the likes of Camila Cabello and Ciara.

“BEAUTIFUL AMAL. Glam for #amalclooney by urs truly,” Dimitris writes.

It hasn’t taken long for fans to spot the change to Amal’s look, with plenty commenting on the new colour and how it changes her appearance.

Amal looks gorgeous with a warmer and lighter hair colour

“Love it! The softer look makes you look younger,” says one, while a second agrees, saying: “Softens her look. Absolutely stunning.”

A third writes: “Love the lighter brown on Amal.”

Other followers think Amal looks different, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is about her that has changed. Some are speculating that the image has a blurring filter on it, while others think her make-up is more “Instagram” than usual. Either way, the general consensus is that she looks incredible.

If you want to make like Amal and try out a warm toned brunette shade for the winter season, this particular colour trend she’s modelling is called a “bronzed wood” – a shade that dominated the A/W22 Fashion Week catwalks.

Amal's hair is usually much darker in tone

“The comforting nature of the shade makes it incredibly popular,” explains Jordanna Cobella, Wella Professionals digital craft expert and Cobella salon owner. “The colour is essentially a mixture of subtle caramel highlights with darker neutral tones running throughout the hair. Muted multi-dimensional hues add depth and movement to the hair, but what really makes the bronzed wood shade pop on the client's hair is a luxurious shine, which makes the shade look gorgeously rich.”

Since we saw “expensive blonde” become the must-have colour of summer 2022, it only seems fair that winter 2022 should be all about “rich brunettes”.

Now, we just need a George Clooney on our arms to complement the shade perfectly.


By Editor