When we heard that Amanda Holden was launching a budget skincare range with Revolution PRO, we were on the news quicker than you can hit a golden buzzer. There are five products in her line-up, all £12 or less, and who better than the lady herself to talk us through them?

“All these products give that kind of lovely, youthful glow and plump,” the Britain's Got Talent star tells us in an exclusive chat. “I think as you get older you need to use creamier, youthful products because you need to have the glow. You just feel clean and comforted after using them.”

Which ones will she be using for the BGT live shows? “Everything! Whenever I do glam now I like to tell everybody what I'm wearing and I especially love it if I know that everyone can afford it,” she says.

Amanda has a new bargain skincare collaboration

“Obviously everybody's really feeling the pinch. And I don't want beauty products and skincare to be a thing that women sacrifice in order to feed their families and everything else,” she adds.

“So I think these products are a really good price point. I think you can justify them when you put them in your shopping bag. They'll last you a long time and they work. I would never try to flog anything that I didn't think would do a good job to people spending their hard earned cash.”

Here’s her run-down on the range, in her own words. A shower of congratulatory confetti all round!

Revolution Pro x Amanda Holden Wonderplump Cream Duo, £12.00

Amanda will be using the skin smoother to get camera ready

Amanda says: “Wonderplump is just genius. £12 for two things in one pot. You've got the lovely jawline and neck lifter in one half, and then for the cheeks and forehead you've got hyaluronic acid and myoxinal which is like nature's Botox. That's really good for tightening. I’ll definitely be using it for the BGT live shows.”

Revolution Pro x Amanda Holden Best Kept Secret Eye & Lip Primer, £8.00

It's prime time for Amanda

Amanda says: “The lip filler is amazing. It really does blur the lines, it smooths the cracks as my daughter Hollie would say! It fills in the fine lines and wrinkles and gives you a lovely kind of plump, youthful glow.”

Revolution Pro x Amanda Holden Quick Fix Tightening Under Eye Serum, £10.00

Amanda uses this serum to wake up her eyes in the morning

Amanda says: “I use this every single day. One of the main reasons I love it is because of the application. The wand is so cold. The gel that does all the wonderful tightening things, and gives that nice smooth effect under make-up, but then you’ve got the coolness. I think if you’ve had a big night and you’re feeling a bit puffy, or you've got to get up early like I do every morning for the radio, it’s a really good product to settle everything down.”

Revolution Pro x Amanda Holden It's Magic Brow & Lash Serum, £10.00

Amanda loves a beauty bargain

Amanda says: “There are some hugely expensive brands out there, and this is a tenner. So many people now wear this kind of product and I don't think there is anything out there that's at that price point and can do your eyebrows and your eyelashes. I use it in the morning before I do my make-up – the eyebrow end gives you that lovely feathery lift look that everybody likes these days anyway.”

Revolution Pro x Amanda Holden Diamond Lip Oil, £8.00

Great for the changing seasons, says Amanda

Amanda says: “This is a really good lip conditioner, especially at the moment when the conditions outside keep changing, and your lips are really affected by that. I’ve put it on the tops of my cheekbones as a little highlighter too.”

If you fancy checking it out, The Revolution PRO x Amanda Holden skincare collection is out now at Superdrug stores and at Superdrug.com .


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