Whether you have fine, thin or curly hair – the best of us are fighting a seemingly losing battle when it comes to frizz and keeping our hairstyles sleek. Testing every frizzy hair product on the market and experiencing moisture loss, shrinkage, breakage and everything in between.

However, if you are fighting the frizz and desperately need to add some effective anti-frizz haircare to your arsenal, Amazon shoppers may have stumbled across a haircare hero that could do just the trick.

The best of us have battled frizzy hair and need to add some anti-frizz haircare to our arsenal

The Kerasilk Taming Balm for Frizzy Hair is a heat protecting serum with a Vegan formula that promises to de-fluff your strands as well as seal your hair cuticles, manage your moisture retention and smooth out your split ends- leaving you with more resilient hair overall.

The Balm, that boasts a number of high-potency ingredients and enhancers such as Shea Oil and Blue Lotus Extract has a completely Vegan formula as well as being infused with Biomimetic Silk to create hair as strong as it is beautiful.

Amazon shoppers are raving about this taming balm that fights the frizz

There are plenty of products out there that promise sleeker, shinier locks, however, whatever the cause of your frizz, your frizziest of flyaways have nothing on this treatment according to fans of the balm who claim it really can tame the puff and keep that frizz at bayv- and you can't argue with the glowing reviews they've left.

"I really love using this product. It is very lightweight and provides smoothing without leaving a greasy heavy feeling. The smell is awesome. Its not too floral or fruity. I love that the scent stays in the hair even after drying it. You don't need a lot of this product either so it will last a while even though the bottle is small. The pumper delivers the perfect amount of product to use," one of the many five-star reviews states.

"This has worked wonders with my coarse and frizzy hair. It has a pleasant smell and applies easily. Leaves my hair shiny and smooth," agrees another happy customer, with a third penning: "Smells amazing feels amazing".

"I have thick frizzy hair and if I don't style it or flat iron, it gets frizzy. If it's humid outside, it's frizzy. After exercise, it's frizzy. You get the idea, it's always frizzy! I've tried expensive salon products over the years such as leave-in conditioners, mousse, gels, masks, anti-frizz hair oil and they did little to reduce the frizz, only weighed my hair down or left it with a waxy feeling. I also stopped using a heated blow dryer and stopped flat ironing for 2 years and it didn't reduce the frizz. Kerasilk taming balm helps de-frizz my hair without weighing it down. My little frizzy head is far less frizzy and feels clean as well as soft and silky. It makes my hair look as if I just left the salon, but it's effortless and I don't have to spend hours trying to tame the frizz!" raves yet another shopper who is over the moon with the results.

Happy customers have flooded Amazon with five-star reviews of the balm

Frizz is normal, natural and sometimes just unavoidable – but if you're not big on the frizz and flyaways this product is definitely worth considering when it comes to shopping for your haircare heroes, and at just £24 its well worth a try!

By Editor