Struggle to brush through tangles and knotted hair? This £11 detangling brush from Tangle Teezer may just be the answer to your problems. Retailing usually for £14, the hairbrush is currently reduced to £11.20 here on Amazon.
The brush has been designed to work on both wet and dry hair, effortlessly detangling your hair with minimal damage or breakage. It features 325 soft-flex teeth to ensure every knot is removed and as the bristles are soft and flexible, this a great brush if you have a sensitive scalp.
There are 12 different colourways available on Amazon, but only four of them have the 20% reduction, including the classic millennial pink, as well as the vibrant morello cherry and violet colourway.

This detangling hairbrush has been praised for easily getting through knots in both wet and dry hair

This specific Tangle Teezer has over 50,000 ratings on Amazon, with over 80% of customers leaving 5-star reviews. One happy shopper wrote: "I can’t believe how good this hairbrush is. A game changer. My hair is long and gets very tangled as does my daughters. Now brushing hair before school won’t be a hassle or take as much time. This hairbrush glides through without pulling and hair feels smooth after".

A second reviewer said: “I purchased this Tangle Teezer hair brush about 3 months ago and bought two more hair brushes from different, well-known brands since then to see if it could get even better than this brush. My conclusion: This Tangle Teezer hair brush is in a league of its own. I am super happy and would highly recommend it”.

This the Millenial Pink colourway, but the brush is also available in 11 other colours

Many of the reviews seemed to be beaming about the fact that this hairbrush is incomparable to other brands and significantly reduces breakage in comparison to other hairbrushes. From personal experience, I have used a Tangle Teezer for the past ten years and I will never go back to using any other brush – I even purchased one for my dog.
You can also shop the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Styler for £11.20 on LookFantastic for a limited time only. However, if this hairbrush is not for you, the celeb-approved WetBrush detangling brush is reduced to £8.99 here for Superdrug members. And Boucleme’s wet brush, which has been designed for those with curls, coils and waves is available for £12 here.

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