In the world of skin care where there’s advice readily available everywhere, we want to make sure you are getting the right ones. Here, we list some common mistakes to avoid while using DR’s Secret products. Continue scrolling to find out if any of them sounds familiar to you!

Mistake 1: Using Cleanser 1 without foaming

Cleanser 1 with foam

Do you know? The deep cleansing properties of Cleanser 1 are activated when a rich foam is created! This gel-to-foam cleanser works the best when lathered up.

By gently massaging the foam on your skin, the thick bubbles act as a net to trap and remove all the impurities and dirt.

Cleansing without the foam feels like you are cleansing only your skin surface without reaching in deep enough.

We love watching the pink gel turn to a luxurious foam, and the citrus scent makes the cleansing process so refreshing. Not sure how to foam Cleanser 1? Read this.

One more thing to note:

washing hands graphic

A common mistake is not washing your hands with soap before you start foaming. Having clean hands is necessary to get the gel to lather up, and any remaining oil or dirt on your hands can hinder the foaming process. Besides, washing your hands before touching your face helps to prevent any transfer of bacteria too.

Mistake 2: Using too little or too much product

textures of skin care products

Size matters in skin care – a pump versus a drop can make all the difference in your skin progress. Using too much product may cause unnecessary burden and overload your skin, while using too little product can impede your skin progress. Your skin does not get to enjoy the maximum benefits of the products, slowing down its rate of improvement.

One product you should definitely use an ample amount of – sunscreen. We can’t stop emphasising how important SPF is! Apply about 2cm in diameter of Sunscreen 5 in two to three layers to ensure your skin is well-protected from the harmful UV rays.

If you want to know how much product you should use, seek your Skin Buddy’s guidance for a routine that’s customised to your skin!

To get a general idea, here’s a quick look at our recommended product amounts.

recommended DR's Secret product amounts

Mistake 3: Using incorrect application techniques

skin care mistake incorrect application techniques

Already used to the conventional methods of applying skin care? Well, here at DR’s Secret we switch things up a little.

Our facial skin is more delicate compared to other parts of the body. Tugging or rubbing our skin often may cause the skin to lose elasticity more quickly and fine lines to appear. Switch to using light and gentle strokes using your fingertips to help your skin absorb the products. Using gentle swipes makes your skin care routine feel more relaxing too. If you need some help with your application techniques, read how to achieve better skin results in a much shorter time just by doing these right!

Mistake 4: Not following up regularly with your Skin Buddy

following up regularly with your Skin Buddy

Having regular check-ins with your Skin Buddy is a key aspect that some users may neglect. Our skin condition changes as we progress in our skin journey. Whether it’s a sudden skin reaction or a different skin need, following up closely with your Skin Buddy helps you to determine if it’s time for a routine change.

Skin Buddies are experienced DR’s Secret users who are equipped with a wealth of personal experience and tips. They will be able to provide you with personalised routines and answer your questions. Having frequent routine checks and evaluations can make your skin journey feel much more reassuring.

If you’re a new DR’s Secret user, we recommend checking in with your Skin Buddy regularly to assess your skin condition. Experienced users can choose to customise your own routine based on your product knowledge and experience. The best way to learn is to connect with the Skin Squad community and sharing your skin journey!

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