Despite having worked in beauty for years, I'm incredibly lazy about styling my hair, and not very competent in it either, despite having tried most of the best hair tools. So when I heard about BaByliss's newest device – an unusual-looking 'wand' that claims to dry, smooth and volumise in one – I had to try it out.

The BaByliss Air Wand launched on 2 May 2024, costs £120 and is available to buy from BaByliss's own website (although we can probably expect to see it dropping into other retailers over time). It features a powerful, nozzle-less hair dryer with two attachments: one to smooth and straighten, and one to add volume and bounce.

BaByliss's clever new hair tool

* Air Wand, £120 from BaByliss

Other features include four heat settings plus an 'ultra-care' setting that flips between hot and cold, three speed settings, ionic anti-frizz technology and an easy-clean filter.

I immediately loved how the Air Wand looked. Despite being longer than my usual hairdryer, its stick-like design is really sleek – not unlike the Dyson Airwrap – and probably would actually take up less room than my usual hairdryer.

To be completely honest, I didn't see how a hair dryer so slim (and lacking a nozzle) could be powerful enough to dry my hair, which is long, fine and plentiful. However, I was totally blown away (pun intended). It delivers a really decent force, and the built-in nozzle does a great job at directing the air where you want it to go, either into the roots or down the hair lengths to smooth.

The Air Wand comes with two attachments

It's also very satisfying to simply wave the Air Wand over your head like, well, a wand, and watch your hair turn from damp to dry in minutes.

When my hair was about 80% dry, I clicked on the straightening attachment to try on one side of my head. This directs the air flow and heat between a wide-toothed comb, gliding effortlessly through lengths.

It doesn't give the sort of super-flat, poker straight finish that using straightening irons gives, but it does a really nice job of smoothing and taming hair.

The Air Wand comes with a smoothing attachment

* Air Wand, £120 from BaByliss

Next I attached the volumising brush to do the other side of my hair. This does a good job of getting into the roots without overheating your scalp, and added a little extra oomph to my very flat hair, especially when followed with the cool shot. Again, it doesn't have quite as much of an effect as a dedicated volumising tool like, say, the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser, but I liked how it gave the front section of my hair more shape.

Overall I think the BaByliss Air Wand is a really clever tool, and I was particularly impressed by the speed at which it styled my hair. It won't replace my straighteners, but I can definitely see myself reaching for it to give my hair a little more shape that the usual five-minute rough dry it normally gets.

By Editor