It seems like everyone’s undergoing a major hair transformation right now, and actress Billie Piper is the latest celeb to go for a dramatic new chop.

Billie is no stranger to a dramatic hair transformation though. The I Hate Suzie star was known for her honey blonde tresses for as long as we can remember, including during some of her most prominent roles as Dr Who’s companion Rose Tyler and Belle De Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

However in July last year she’d swapped her platinum blonde hair for a shorter, choppier, het black “emo” haircut that sent fans wild. Now it seems like the star is ready to switch things up again, and had gone for a drastic chop.

Billie showed off her new pixie and mullet hybrid style on Instagram

Billie was known for her blonde hair throughout her career

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday, Billie showed off the dramatic transformation with the caption: “Things are gonna change around here”. In the photo, her blunt shoulder length bob was long gone, and replaced with a short, choppy new style that combines the classic pixie cut with the latest hair trend; the mullet.

The front of her new hair featured a super short wispy fringe that curved around her face in a side parting just like a pixie cut, with extra short layers on top for some volume and texture. However, there was still some remnants of her bob as the back of her hair was long enough to be tucked into her collar.

The mullet typically involves a very short top and sides, with all the length being at the back of the head, whilst a pixie cut typically leaves a long fringe and front area with a shorter back and sides.

By combining the two, Billie has managed to avoid the harshness of either cut, and instead create something completely unique that still has some edge to it. The star posed for the selfie in what looks to be a dressing room, so there’s a possibility the new cut could be part of her character’s transformation in I Hate Suzie, or for a new role, however the actress is clearly no stranger to a dramatic hair change.

Billie wore a dramatic black and blonde swirled up do for the Brit Awards

Her hair perfectly mirrored the swirls in her nude illusion outfit

For the Brit Awards last month, Billie wore her hair in a black and blonde up do, with architectural swirls of dark hair running through it to mimic the details of her barely-there top, proving she’s not averse to wild hair.

Whether it’s a temporary look or a fresh new style for the actress, we suspect this is a cut that’s going to catch on very quickly.


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