If there was one celebrity who we thought would remain a blonde indefinitely, it was Blake Lively. However, the Gossip Girl actress is breaking from her trademark Serena van der Woodsen blonde shade to try something new. We think you’ll agree that’s news enough to warrant an “XOXO” sign-off.

Teasing the transformation in a new Instagram Story, Blake, 35, poses with dark, copper-tinged brunette hair. No further intel is available at the moment, but this little glimpse at the new colour is more than enough to surprise Blake’s 37.7m followers. She’s yet to confirm if the colour is for a new movie project, but it is conveniently timed up with the news that she’s set to star as Lily in a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover's bestselling novel It Ends with Us – and in the book that character is a redhead.

However if Blake – who is expecting her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds – has just decided to end her blonde era and enter a new beauty chapter with a darker colour, then she is, as ever, bang on trend. Copper has been a pretty big deal in the hair world ever since Bridgerton exploded onto our screens back in late 2020. The trending hue has swapped slightly from a Renaissance red – a muted, baby-light copper – to deeper, more pigmented forms of red.

Blake shows off a new hair colour on her Instagram

Blake usually has blonde hair

“Hair colours like chestnut, auburn and your chocolates are always a popular winter trend, which will still be happening, but coppers are the colours about to dominate. Copper is being seen all over the red carpet, so there is no question this trend is one to look out for this winter,” explains Sophia Karayiannis, Blue Tit salon assistant manager.

If you like Blake’s look but you don’t want to commit to colouring your blonde hair a brunette shade, Sophia says the colour can be adapted easily to suit your needs.

“You’ve got your cool reds like strawberry blonde for the blondes who want to switch up their colour without going for that major change. It’s a combination of soft copper and ashy blonde that comes together harmoniously to create that perfect all over shimmering colour,” she adds.

We predict Blake is going to spark quite a few salon bookings across the globe when she reveals her hair colour in full. Until then, we’ll use the newly-redhead likes of Cara Delevingne, Eva Mendes and Lily James as inspiration for our next appointment.


By Editor