An Aveeno moisturiser has been getting high praise from Boots shoppers after they discovered it helps treat and soothe eczema in just a few days.

The Aveeno Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, £7.99 here, moisturises eczema-prone skin for up to 24 hours, with regular use helping to prevent the dryness and irritation caused by skin conditions like eczema and dehydration.

Free of fragrances and parabens, it’s extra gentle on your skin, and has so far received more than 1300 five star reviews on websites such as Boots and Look Fantastic, with users praising it for helping clear up their eczema and for leaving their skin soft and hydrated.

The moisturiser can be used all over the body as a regular moisturiser to help soften and hydrated dry patches and dehydrated skin, as well as specifically on patches of skin suffering from irritation or dryness.

Aveeno Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal comes recommended by GPs and pharmacists to help soothe eczema

The gentle soothing properties of the cream come from the naturally active oatmeal in the product, and the formula is a non-greasy, lightweight that soaks into the skin quickly to provide rapid relief and hydration. It also helps to restore the natural protective barrier and protect your skin from external environmental aggressors that can aggravate your already sensitive skin.

The product also comes recommended by many doctors and pharmacists as an over the counter, gentle way of treating skin complaints, with many reviewers revealing it had been suggested to them by their doctor. One reviewer on Look Fantastic said: “Recommended by pharmacist to help repair skin on my girl’s hands as very gentle. Working well so far, not harsh or chemically.”

Another Boots customer wrote: “I have used this product for years after my GP recommended it. I am never without a tube of Aveeno. I use it throughout the day and put some on before I go to bed. So much better than steroid creams that I have been prescribed in the past.”

When struggling with painful or itchy skin issues like eczema, getting instant relief can be a blessing. Plenty of people who have used the Aveeno cream also rave about how quickly it works to soothe their painful and irritated skin, with some saying they’d seen results in just 48 hours, writing: “Having eczema prone skin, its hard to find a product that works. I used the skin relief for very dry skin, I had a patch of red skin between my eyebrows and it went the 2nd day of using it. This is gentle enough to use on your face, I’ve had no problem with dry skin. Thank you Aveeno, this product is the best thing I've ever tried and I've tried a lot of them”.

You can snap up the Aveeno Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, £7.99 here, at Boots, Look Fantastic, and other beauty stores.

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