We don’t jump on every 90s resurgence beauty trend that comes from TikTok, but the brown eyelashes trend that’s currently doing the rounds on the app is one we can certainly get behind. The hashtags #brownlashes and #brownlashextensions have been viewed 60M and 10M times, signalling black mascara might be on its way out (we can pile it on top of skinny jeans and side partings).

So why the movement to chocolate-coloured make-up? MUA Lyndsey Harrison explains, “People want a more natural make-up look, and if you’re red, blonde or grey-haired, brown is the perfect lash colour to ensure your eyes are framed but without the starkness of black.”

Whether you wear salon extensions, false lashes or mascara, there are easy ways to try out brown eyelashes for yourself. Here’s how…

Whether you wear salon extensions, false lashes or mascara, there are easy ways to try out brown eyelashes for yourself

Individual lash extensions

Brown lashes are back and so are lash extensions. After bookings took a dive around the 2020 lockdowns, salon eyelashes are now hugely in demand. Even better, most salons offer varying shades of individual lashes to suit your skin tone and hair colour. If you’re a regular salon goer, get involved in the trend by asking for a classic brown set of lashes, which will look more subtle than the typical black shade.

Not a fan of the maintenance of lash extensions? Try a lash lift with a tint. With the “clean girl aesthetic” also taking off on social media, lash lifts have become an “it” treatment to have. “We’ve seen a lot of bookings for lash lifts recently, with clients wanting fuller and lifted lashes without needing infills,” explains Demi, co-owner of London’s Lash + Brow Lab. “They’re perfect for anyone wanting to wake up looking like they’re wearing a coat of mascara. Plus, we offer tints in different shades – including brown – to suit every client.”

Book it: Classic lash extensions at Lash + Brow Lab cost £70-£105 for a full set, and a lash lift with a tint costs from £49. See a full list of treatments here.

False lashes

If you wear daily false lashes or weekly lash systems, you can simply shop your usual styles in a brown colourway. Try:

Whether you wear strip lashes or weeklies, there's something for everyone

Lash Perfect In a Strip #10 Lash Perfect British Edition Brown, £12.99 here

These brown strip lashes give the ultimate natural look while also giving your lashes a boost in density and length.

MeAmora Lash Up Lash Up Essentials Kit, £50 here, and Brown C Curl Lash Clusters, £15 here

Home lash systems, also known on social media as “weeklies”, are growing in popularity. If you like to apply the clusters yourself at home, we recommend trying this kit, which makes DIY lash extensions very simple.


If you’re happy with your lashes but like to give them a daily boost with a coat or two of mascara, there are plenty of new product launches out that offer those volumising formulas in varying brown tones to suit all. Try:

Shop one of these new mascaras in a chocolate shade

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push-Up Mascara, from £14 here

The classic lash-plumping formula now comes in a berry-brown shade.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Balm Brown, £11.99 here

Made of a conditioning balm that helps to care for the lashes, this delivers a rich, pigmented hue and plenty of lift and volume.


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