Irish nail brand, The Manicure Company (TMC), has unveiled an eight-piece Zero Builder Gel™ range to build shape and add length to nails.

The line has been five years in development and follows the company’s Zero Gel Polish™ launch last year, which captured attention with its ‘zero’ allergens ingredient list and fashion-forward colours.

Zero Builder Gel™ boasts strength and durability that lasts a minimum of three weeks on natural nails. The product can also be used to create short to medium nail enhancements with forms or tips.

Eoin Cotter

“At the core of Zero is a line of products that not only performs well and is durable, but offers peace of mind for those concerned about allergies or who have experienced an allergy,” comments Eoin Cotter, co-founder & creative director of The Manicure Company.

“After the launch of Zero Gel Polish™, we were contacted by many nail clients and techs who told us that the product allowed them to safely use gel products again. Now, with Zero Builder Gel™, these pros and their clients can experience long-lasting, durable enhancements.

Zero Builder Gel™ is free from HEMA, Di-HEMA, HPMA, TPO and IBOA,” Eoin continues. “Wear, longevity, colour and application is as it should be with a high-quality product, but the product has the added benefit of being hypo-allergenic.” The formula is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Zero Builder Gel™ Skin Deep Hand Shot

Zero Builder Gel™ in Skin Deep

Seeking to offer hues to suit all clients and occasions, The Manicure Company turned to its customers, distributors and ambassadors to help curate the selection of Zero Builder Gel™ shades. They are:

  • Clear: a crystal-clear gel with no coverage.
  • Chai: a bright, blue-toned light pink, with medium to full coverage.
  • Bright Beige: a sheer, light to medium coverage beige with a cool undertone.
  • Cream Cloud: a warm cream with a slight pink undertone, offering medium to full coverage.
  • Skin Deep: a neutral, natural pink with a warm undertone and medium to full coverage.
  • Peach Puff: a full coverage peachy pink with reflective gold micro glitter.
  • Sweet Pink: a bright neutral pink with a warm, rosey undertone and full coverage finish.
  • Warm Tan: a rich warm brown-tan with full coverage.

Group Spill Swatch

How to apply:

  1. Prep the natural nails and buff nail plates with a buffing block or 240-grit file to remove surface shine. Remove all dust and filings, then cleanse nails with TMC Pro Prep & Wipe Solution and a lint-free pad.
  2. Prime each nail with Zero Gel Polish™ Primer. Allow to air dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply a first, thin layer of Zero Builder Gel™. Cure for 60 seconds in the TMC Dual Pro UV-LED Lamp.
  4. Apply a thicker layer of Zero Builder Gel™ to add strength and structure, by placing a gel bead at the back third of each nail and floating down. Cure for 60 seconds.
  5. Cleanse nails with Pro Prep & Wipe Solution and a lint-free pad, before buffing and filing as required to refine the shape. Remove all surface shine, dust and filings. Proceed with gel polish or top coat application.


“Although Zero Builder Gel™ is designed to be regularly infilled, removal every three or so visits is important, so the health of the natural nail can be inspected. The product removes with ease, with no damage to the nail plate,” comments Eoin Cotter.

How to remove:

  1. Using an E-file or hand file, remove the bulk of the product.
  2. Soak a TMC Removal Wrap in Gel Off Solution and apply to each nail, soaking for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Remove the wraps one at a time and push the product off the nails with a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick.
  4. If the product is not removing easily, reapply the wrap and allow to soak for five further minutes.
  5. Once all product has been removed, lightly buff the nails with a foam file and finishing file to restore natural shine. Apply TMC Bio Cuticle Oil to finish.

Zero Builder Gel™ is available via and associated stockists.

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