Pass us the gas and air! Call the Midwife star Helen George has delivered something extra special this time – yes, a beautiful bouncing new hair look.

For years, the actress has been synonymous with bright blonde hair as Trixie, the bombshell 60s midwife at Nonnatus House on the hit BBC1 show. Now though Helen has switched over to the dark side, with a stunning chestnut hair transformation that makes her look remarkably different.

Helen proudly showed off her new brunette do to her 240,000 Instagram followers, with a gorgeous snap showing her hair bathed in a glowy halo. Styled in soft waves, her hair falls just past collar length with a few chin length layers around the front.

While the shade in her initial photo looks to be a light cinnamon-brown, a follow-up video from her appearance on This Morning reveals that Helen has actually gone for a slightly darker, more chestnut-toned brunette.

Helen looks beautiful and so different without her trademark bright blonde hair

Helen in her familiar blonde guise as Trixie on Call The Midwife

It’s quite an adjustment to see Helen without her trademark vanilla shade – in fact, we almost didn't recognise her – but we have to say, being brunette really makes her blue eyes pop and it suits her skin tone perfectly too.

Helen only accompanied the original post with a single dark heart, preferring to let her new look do the talking. Her followers, however, didn’t waste any time adding their own thoughts on the makeover. “Helengorge you mean” posts one punster, while another comments, “Wow you look amazing. I had to look twice. Really suits you.”

Helen’s new look is in aid of her upcoming role in The King And I, which will be touring the UK from next month. She’ll be starring as Anna Lewonnes in the musical, and she impressed This Morning viewers with her singing skills as well as her new look.

Helen has gone brunette for her new stage role, starring in The King And I

The actress has also shared a snap of herself in full musical costume, wearing a lilac purple ball gown that’s reported to weigh a whopping 40lb. We weren’t sure if the colour seen in her lady-like updo was a wig but now she’s confirmed it’s the real deal, and we honestly think she should consider making it a permanent switch.

If she does, she’ll be in good company. For instance, Lily James recently swapped honey blonde for a cinnamon shade, while The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco has gone for a trending candlelit brunette shade in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Perhaps Kaley and Helen could meet up to share birthing tips gleaned from Call the Midwife?


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