There’s something about a sunny day that makes people feel more optimistic and carefree, and Loose Women star Charlene White has decided to switch up her look whilst enjoying the London sun.

Proving that sometimes it pays off to take a bit of a risk when it comes to your look, Charlene has ditched her dark curls in favour of a much blonder toggee shade, as she shows off her new sleek bob on Instagram.

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant shared a series of snaps of herself out and about in the city wearing a bright orange blazer over black jeans and a white T-shirt as she showed off her new look, captioning the photos: “Sun’s out… so on a whim, I decided to go even blonder. Cos, why not?!”

Charlene shows off her new toffee coloured hair

Her followers flocked to the comments to show their love for the panellist’s new look, branding her ‘gorgeous’ and ‘beautiful’, whilst others begged for the name of her hairdresser. Charlene then edited her Instagram caption to include the details of her stylist, revealing that her new colour was done by celebrity hairstylist Lorraine Dublin, who has worked with some major A-listers including Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and rapper Eve.

Lorraine is the owner of MyHairBar in London, which specialises in Afro hair, natural hair and relaxed hair, as well as offering services such as keratin treatments, weaves, wigs, and braids, and has been styling and colouring Charlene’s hair for many years.

Charlene’s latest new look is a departure from the dark colour and tight curls that she’s recently been wearing, although in recent weeks she has been teasing a transition to a lighter blonde shade. Last week, Charlene shared a behind the scenes snap of her wearing ‘Curlformers’ curlers that help to create sleek, defined curls as she turned up to work wearing them ahead of her Loose Women appearance.

Charlene shared a behind the scenes snap of her wearing ‘Curlformers’ curlers that help to create sleek, defined curls

In the video, Charlene’s hair can be seen with blonde and caramel coloured highlights throughout, with a photo showing the final result as she donned a lime green skirt suit for her appearance. Her new colour, however, is a much lighter, brighter all over caramel colour that blends seamlessly together to create a natural looking shade.

Her hair had also been straightened into a sleek, glossy bob, with flicked under ends that skimmed her shoulders and rounded under her chin in a classic style. The new shade looks stunning on Charlene, and is the perfect transitional shade for the season regardless of whether she decides to go even blonder, or stick with this toffee coloured hue for now.


By Editor