CND unveils 14 shades in Colorworld: its biggest collection to date

Renowned for its six-piece seasonal collections, CND™ is exciting the industry with Colorworld; a rainbow of 14 stunning nail shades that encourage nail artists to use their wildest imagination to create limitless nail styles.

Colorworld is a land of imagination and possibility,” comments CND™ co-founder, Jan Arnold. “Together, this palette creates a harmony like an impressionist painting, a work of art with lights and darks and hues in-between; a reflection of light through movement.”

Jan Arnold

CND™ worked with nail pros to create this palette of hues, based on the most common requests. The shades are available in both Shellac™ and Vinylux formulas.


  • Maple Leaves – A burnt orange to set a look ablaze
  • Love Letter – An adoring deep yet bright blush pink
  • Running Latte – An energising golden yellow with hints of brown to mellow
  • We Want Mauve – Opaque nude-mauve
  • Petal Party – Mauve mixed with hint of rose, like a bouquet
  • Rose-mance – A dark shade of rose
  • Toffee Talk – A warm, sweet & desirable brown
  • Above My Pay Gray-ed – A solid stone grey
  • Mulberry Tart – Purple with a pop of grey
  • Vintage Blue Jeans – A dusty blue as soft as old-school denim
  • Frosted Seaglass – A muted blue-green reminiscent of the beach
  • Gilded Sage – Light algae green for an unexpected nail twist
  • All Frothed Up – Sheer almond white
  • Backyard Nuptials – Sheer pink

The CND™ Colorworld collection is available in the UK via

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