As anyone who has a regular shaving routine knows, ingrown hairs can be a major pain. At best they’re unsightly and ruin your newly smooth skin, and at worst they can cause pain, swelling and infections. One of the simplest ways to keep ingrown hairs at bay is to make sure you do a good exfoliate before shaving, as this can help prevent dead skin cells from clogging your razor and blocking your pores.

One body scrub in particular has been getting some serious praise from Amazon shoppers who’ve called it “The best” for helping tackle ingrown hairs, with the AMELIORATE Smoothing Body Exfoliant, £10.10 here, racking up a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Even better, you can now snap it up for £10 rather than its usual price of £17.50 in Amazon’s spring sale.

AMELIORATE's Smoothing Body Exfoliant has been praised for helping stop ingrown hairs

The smoothing exfoliant helps buff away dead skin cells and encourage new cell turnover both above and deep within your skin’s surface to make sure your skin gets a really thorough scrub. It contains biodegradable microdermabrasion granules which have been combined with lactic acid ( a naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or AHA), to help increase the speed at which your body naturally renews itself.

It also contains Ameloirate’s unique LaH6 skin hydrating complex, which scrubs away the dead cells to stop them clogging your pores whilst also hydrating your skin. They formula is also great at encouraging new, healthy cells to come to the surface, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The body scrub contains exfoliating acids and a hydrating complex for smooth, soft skin

The hydrating properties make sure the exfoliator isn’t too harsh on sensitive skin, and it has finer granules than your typical body exfoliator so it’s not too rough on delicate areas. Shoppers have also been singing its praises, with one saying: “This is such a nice exfoliator, not too harsh at all and perfect for sensitive skin. Ameliorate products are 10/10 would definitely buy from them again.”

Another wrote: “Recently I have been struggling with ingrown hairs after shaving my legs, since using this I have noticed a huge change in this, its fine texture is lovely as I don’t like rough exfoliates, I will continue to use this and it’s made me try more of the range! Very impressed!” With a third saying: “Really good for smoothing skin and very easy to use. Great price on Amazon”

Another happy shopper wrote: “This is actually my first chemical exfoliant and it is a bit pricey but I only use it on a part of my body so it doesn't run out as quick. I have dry sensitive skin and immediately saw the difference, it leaves me smooth and helps prevent ingrown hairs so after trying so many products for my skin over the years I'm surprised the first thing I tried works WITHOUT issues! The cap on the bottle is a little cheap, it doesn't seal sometimes and can leak a tiny bit out of the top.”

You can use it on all areas of your body to help buff away dead skin cells

If you prefer something without the ‘scrub’ feeling, we’re a big fan of NUDESTIX NudeBody Resurfacing Body Toner, £22 here, which acts just like the toning step in your skincare routine to give pores a thorough clean. It uses glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids to exfoliate, with a 1% fruit complex that unblocks pores.

The combination of ingredients also helps reduce and smooth texture and minimise the appearance of an uneven skin tone. According to NUDESTIX it’s also ideal for use on sweat-prone and blemished areas as well as extra dry or rough areas like heels and elbows to leave them softer and smoother.

After shaving, don’t forget to add your favourite moisturiser to double down on the hydrating properties, and relish in your new silky smooth skin.

By Editor