Dawn French debuted the much anticipated return to her signature bob whilst attending the opening of a West End show on Tuesday.

The 65 year old comedian, who is best known for starring in Vicar of Dibley, had previously cut her hair short into a pixie cut whilst she was growing out her greys after revealing last year that she’d lost interest in dying her hair at home.

Appearing on The One Show in December of last year, Dawn had said: "I just couldn’t be bothered to keep doing it. So I let my natural grey come through”, although she had confessed she was curious what her signature style would look like grey.

Dawn debuted her gorgeous charcoal bob at the Oklahoma! opening night

Fans were delighted, therefore, when she attended the opening night of Oklahoma! at Wyndham's Theatre on Tuesday complete with a charcoal version of her iconic hairstyle. Dawn wore an all black outfit that showed off her figure, with her hair styled into a sleek bob.

Dawn's bob first became her signature look during her time playing Geraldine Granger during the Vicar of Dibley’s impressive 13 year run, with the comedian keeping the style long after the show had finished.

As one half of French and Saunders, not to mention appearances in classic British comedies like Ab Fab, Dawn has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in comedy, and her bob hairstyle has been part of her look throughout.

Dawn's dark bob was her signature look for many years

The Vicar of Dibley star completely embraced her natural grey hair with a pixie cut last year

Despite showing brief glimpses of the growing out stages on her Instagram, it wasn’t until her red carpet appearance that fans finally got a look at the updated version of the classic cut.

Following her appearance, Dawn posted a hilarious video to her Instagram, and whilst many were praising her humour, there were also plenty gushing about the TV star’s ability to embrace aging and her natural hair colour.

One follower commented: “You really have a way with words! Also you look fantastic! Loving your hair and your makeup looks gorgeous!” whilst another said: “I’d just like to say you are the epitome of aging naturally, stunningly, gorgeously and inspirationally and make me feel positive – thank you for being you”.

A return to a charcoal version of her bob was teased by the comedian last year

Dawn has long been candid about refusing to let her self worth be tied to her appearance.

When asked about her impressive 7.5stone weight loss in 2014, Dawn said: "I just did less eating and more exercising.

"But I've never disliked myself at all. My weight has had nothing to do with my self-esteem. And I still refuse to dislike my old body."

We’re loving her new take on her iconic look!


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