Strictly Come Dancing isn’t officially back on our screens yet, but the pro dancers have been gearing up for rehearsals this week, signalling we’re not far off the start of the BBC show. Pro dancer Dianne Buswell has also been kicking off her beauty prep ahead of the new series with an eyebrow and a hair transformation.

The 33 year old, who is still dating her 2019 Strictly partner Joe Sugg, is sharing a detailed look at how she’s transformed her eyebrows with the help of nano blade semi-permanent tattooing on YouTube.

Captioning the 20-minute upload: “Day 10 – come with me to get my eyebrows nano bladed,” Dianne vlogs herself heading to Laura Kay London, a Hertfordshire-based beauty clinic that specialises in semi-permanent.

“I’m getting them nanobladed because we’re going for a really natural result. Laura’s going to use a really fine hand tool. She’s gone through and measured out my brows precisely and drawn the shape with a white pencil. Step one, I love them!” the star explains.

Left, Dianne before having nanoblading, and right, after

Dianne then goes on to show the results of her clinic visit, saying: “It’s hard to show on here but they look so natural. I’m really really happy with that! Laura is saying they will go darker, then they go patchy and then you come in for a top-up. It is a bit of a process but I love them already.”

Dianne goes from her natural, semi-sparse brows to full and fluffy-looking arches. As she explains, the brows will always look a bit darker for 7-10 days before the final shade settles in, so you have to look to her more recent Instagram posts to see the full effect of her nano blade transformation.

If you’re wondering exactly what nanoblading is, and what makes it different from other semi-permanent tattooing techniques, it’s essentially microblading but using an even finer tool. This tool is used to create ultra-fine hair strokes which mimic natural hair, so the result is much more natural than, say, a powder brow technique which uses shading to cover larger areas of the brow.

Dianne shows off her new hair

Dianne hasn’t just decided to transform her brows before Strictly 2023 commences, she’s also switched up her hair with the help of extra-long ‘mermaid’ extensions. The dancer shares her new look in a newly-posted Instagram grid snap, where she tries out different hairstyles on her freshly lengthened tresses.

“Had my locks done yesterday and we have gone mermaid vibes again !!! Not only do I love it but it’s that perfect length to do cool hairstyles. Of course, there’s only one lady who ever does my hair and that’s the amazing @vickydemetriouhair from @larrykinghair and she used the wonderful @greatlengthsuk,” Dianne captions the clip.

We think it’s safe to say Dianne is ready for her Strictly close-ups!


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