It’s not uncommon for a TV show as popular as Love Island to spark some big beauty trends. In fact, the ITV2 series gave us the Molly-Mae messy bun back in 2019 and colourful neon eyeliner “Kaz” eyeliner in 2021. Now, it’s giving us the man -icure.

Will Young, aka Farmer Will, is trailblazing this trend with his adorable animal-themed manicure. We, along with a couple of eagle-eyed viewers, spotted his nails on Sunday night’s show – and they might be our favourite things to come out of the winter series so far.

“No but Will's nail art of pig and sheep was so cute,” said one watcher on Twitter, while a second asked incredulously: “Does Will have pig and sheep nail art?”

A third wrote: “Not Farmer Will with animal nail art!”

Will shows off his cute animal-themed manicure

In the name of essential research, we’ve managed to find out who this year’s Love Island nail tech is. Ella Bella Nails (@ellabella_nails) seems to be on-hand to paint the nails of all the Islanders, and she’s helpfully been sharing close-up looks at some of her designs.

Posting a snap of a beaming Will and his manicure, Bella writes: “The hilarious @farmer_will_and his little pig and sheep. Full set of farm animals pending…”

We can see the full detail of the intricate design in Bella’s image, and it includes a tiny pig on the middle finger of one hand and a little sheep on the middle finger of the other hand. Will’s other nails have been left looking natural with just some nice cuticle work. We imagine these clean-looking, manicured nails are quite the novelty for Farmer Will, who usually deals with animal waste rather than animal prints.

Harry Styles, left, and A$AP Rocky, right, are making the man-icure very cool

We say Will is sparking a trend, but the hashtag #menmanicure is already flying on TikTok with over 47M views. A quick scroll through the video app shows more and more men are documenting their trips to the nail salon to get anything from a cuticle tidy-up to glossy gel/shellac shades. Perhaps we can thank the likes of Harry Styles, Johnny Depp and A$AP Rocky for making a man mani mainstream, as these stars have been wearing polish for years now.

Whatever the reason behind the male nail movement, we’re loving it.


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