Hair is supposed to be fun, which is exactly why EastEnders star Rita Simons decided to ditch her long brunette locks back in November and go for a daring short pink bob.

The soap actress has stuck with the style ever since, opting for a more purple-based pink colour over the Christmas period, before allowing it to fade out and return to her original warm blonde colour.

Originally, Rita, 46, had gone for a dark blonde ‘shadow root’ which merged into a much lighter blonde with the pink blending into the lighter areas which made her transformation slightly more subtle, not to mention made the upkeep easier to manage.

However, on Friday she debuted a much more dramatic colour change and showed off her brand new pink blush hair refresh.

EastEnders star Rita Simons shows of her brand new 'pink blush' hair refresh

The warm pink gives a rose gold effect to the actress' hair

Rather than the previous baby pink tone, her new hair is much closer to a rose gold shade, with warm undertones and an all over pink hue. The bronzy gold undertone warms up the pink and stops it from being too cool against Rita's skin, making her blue eyes stand out even more.

Rita is no stranger to a bold hair colour, and spent her time on I’m a Celebrity in 2018 with long bubblegum pink locks, with many viewers shocked at how easily she’d kept the colour vibrant. For her new hair refresh, Rita visited the Hadley Yates Salon in London, where stylist Mille Arthur achieved the soap star’s new shade using Redken’s ‘pastel pink’ dye.

Her new pink blush colour is a perfect shade for spring, with colour making a major comeback as we head into the warmer months. As with any colour, upkeep is the key to stopping it from looking tired and faded, and simple things like using a colour-specific shampoo and washing your hair with cold water can help prolong the life and vibrancy of your colour in between dyes.

Rita had long brunette locks for a long time before she dared to go for the change

She first went for the short pink bob back in November

Although some people might think pink hair is too daring for day to day life, a blush pink like Rita’s lets you experiment with the trend without going to a shockingly bright shade, and the colour is surprisingly versatile when it comes to what colours you can wear with it.

To achieve more of a pink blush shade than a bubblegum pink, layer the pink over a much warmer blonde tone, like Rita’s natural honey blonde colour. This helps to warm the pink up, as it’s on the cooler side of the colour spectrum, and makes it a much more subtle and easy to wear shade.


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