The Little Mermaid is taking over the world right now, and despite the fact the movie isn’t in cinemas until 26 May, plenty of people already obsessed with giving their beauty routines a mermaid-inspired makeover.

If you’re not quite ready to embrace wet look waves or an underwater makeup look, your manicure could be the perfect way to bring a little bit of mermaid-core into your life.

Mermaid-core is all about embracing the mythical, ethereal mermaid vibes and under the sea influences. Think sticking with underwater shades of blue, green and purple, embracing glitter and metallics, and giving everything a glossy finish that looks like it’s fresh out of the water.

Renowned celebrity manicurist Stephanie Staunton, who worked on the set of The Little Mermaid creating the stunning nail art for each character, told Grazia: “'To me, mermaid nails are glittery with pearls or iridescent chrome, basically under the sea inspired,' says Stephanie. 'Whether it’s all out seashells and scales or understated chrome over a simple shade they can suit everyone’s style.”

When it comes to your manicure, you can be a little bit more daring, with some people going all out with 3D additions such as pearls, bubbles, and even a raised shell design on their nails.

To give you some mermaid mani inspiration, we’ve found eight of the best The Little Mermaid inspired nail designs, ranging from the subtle and easy to do at home, to the elaborate and definitely take them to your nail technician kind.

Mother of pearl

Pearlescent nails are a subtle way to get the mermaid-core look

The neutral metallic sheen of a mother of pearl-inspired nail is the perfect nod to the mermaid-core trend that you can wear day to day, not to mention it’s easy enough to do at home. Choose a holographic, semi-sheer shade that can be worn on its own for a subtle metallic sheen, or layered over your favourite colour to add an extra mermaid-inspired element.

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Manicurist Paris Nail Polish in shade Moon, £14 here

Subtle changes

Switch up your nail finishes for an easy underwater mani

For a subtle mermaid-inspired look, choose your favourite underwater colour – we personally love a light teal shade – and opt for different finishes on different fingers. Include matte, glossy, metallic, and glittery for a subtle switch up to a classic colourful manicure, or pick different shades of the same colour, from a pastel version to an ultra dark tone.

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Over the underwater rainbow

Mix and match colours for a colourful mermaid-inspired look

Can’t decide on a colour? Then the underwater rainbow manicure is for you. Pick three or four of your favourite shades and mix and match which nails you paint which colour.Go for shimmery colours inspired by classic mermaid colours, like pink, purple, and green, for a colourful look that doesn’t immediately scream mermaid.

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Barry M Under the Sea collection in various shade, £2.49-£3.99 here

Make some waves

A wavy pattern is an ultra chic way of wearing mermaid-core

A wave pattern is a straightforward bit of nail art that you can do at home, or you can ask your favourite nail tech to do you a more elaborate, detailed version of the look. For the most effective design, choose a matte and a metallic version of the same colour (ideally blue, but you can make your own decisions) and create a swirling, wave pattern.

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Barry M Cosmetics Under The Sea Nail Paint – Underworld, £3.99 here

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Pretty in pearls

Pearl decals are perfect for nailing multiple trends at once

Pearls are not only the pinnacle of mermaid chic, but they’re also one of the hottest accessories right now, so why not combine them both into your manicure? You can do it at home with some pearl decals and nail glue, or head to your closest nail salon to get them added to your next set of nails.

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Just out of the water

Water droplet nails have been around for a while but are great for an underwater touch

Water droplet nails have been around for a while, but they’re the perfect way to give that fresh out of the water look for a mermaid-core look. Although the technique is more advanced than what's needed for other manicures, you can have a go at home using a dropper or a brush to apply small dots of clear nail varnish across your nails and allowing them to dry without smoothing them away.

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Shelling out

Get 3D shell nails from your nail tech

For a more obvious and eye-catching way to wear the trend, 3D shell nails are everywhere right now. The textured look sees manicurists creating a fully 3D shell pattern across the nails, with some people even committing as far as getting their nails shaped into a rounded shape that resembles the shell.

A mermaid’s tail

Get a mermaid tail pattern using stencils

Sometimes the most obvious look is the best one, and these mermaid tail nails are the perfect cute and quirky way to spice up your manicure. You can even do them at home using a stencil and you favourite colours. Paint a base coat in your chosen colour, then apply the stencil and paint over the top in a metallic or glittery shade.

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