Ellie Goulding has such an iconic beauty look that anytime she changes the tiniest detail fans immediately notice. Take her brunette hair transformation last year, for example. A long-time blonde, Ellie's darker hair caused a frenzy on her social media – and it still does every time she posts a new snap.

Now, Ellie is back with a new beauty makeover that's prompting plenty of discussion in the comment section of an Instagram post.

Captioning a series of new snaps promoting her new track with Calvin Harris, the 36 year old writes: "I never take these moments for granted – thank you Spotify".

Ellie looks very different without her eyebrows

Of course fans are excited about the new music, but a large number of the comments also focus on Ellie's eyebrows (or lack thereof) in the snaps.

"Something’s missing…," writes one, while a second adds: "Pls someone donate her eyebrows".

"Where are your eyebrows?" asks a third, with a fourth chiming in with: "Eyebrows left the chat".

If you're an Ellie fan, you'll probably know this isn't the first time the singer has turned to bleached-out brows to transform her beauty look. The star first posted with the dramatic beauty look in August 2022, and has also turned to lighter arches in recent months. This time, though, it looks like her brows have been completely erased instead of just lightened.

We imagine Ellie hasn't taken the plunge and shaved off her brows completely – the look is most likely the work of some clever make-up trickery. However, we wouldn't be surprised if under the concealer Ellie is sporting some bleached brows considering it seems to be the top beauty trend in the celeb world at the moment.

Ellie showed off a bleached eyebrow makeover last year

If Ellie was inspired to try out the barely-there brow look by another celeb, she had plenty of choice when it came to muses. We can’t exactly pinpoint who started the bleached eyebrow trend but the look seems to have taken off after Paris Fashion Week last September. During that week, celebs like Nicola Peltz Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid and Amelia Grey Hamlin all decided to remove their brows in the name of fashion.

We don't know about you but we're loving Ellie edgier new look.


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