It’s not even officially summer yet but we’ve already seen some big manicure trends for the season take off. From rosé nails inspired by a JLo mani to pearly oyster shell tips, you have plenty of options for aesthetic nail looks that can be recreated at a salon or at home.

Now, it’s the turn of cloud nails to have its moment in the spotlight. The trend is a less stark take on last summer’s top mani trend: Tipp-Ex white nails. A combination of white nails and the ‘your nails but better’ look that’s been trending on TikTok, a cloud mani is a semi-sheer (also known as a jelly) wash of white on the nails to create a natural, more opaque finish.

The look is essentially a white take on ‘lip gloss’ nails; neat nails in a barely-there colour and finished with a super-glossy, mirror-like top coat. It’s an elegant, suits-all effect with a hint of “Lancôme Juicy Tubes” nostalgia.

Sounding up your street? Here’s all the inspo you could need for your next nail appointment

Classic cloud nails

A perfect shade for summer

Credit: Cocodoesnails

Because the polish is on the sheer side, it may be prone to streaking. Filing, buffing and cuticle prep is key to get an even wash of colour. Then, you want to build up 2-3 layers of thin polish.

If you’re trying the look at home for yourself, first apply a thin layer of sheer white nail polish (this can be created by mixing white polish with a clear top coat if you don’t have a sheer white), then add another thin layer on top once that has dried before finishing off with a high-shine top coat.

Try at home: Orly White Tips, £13.50 here, or Essie Polish in ‘Marshmallow’, £8.99 here

Bridal cloud nails

A perfect look for a bride

Credit: Cndworld via julieknailsnyc

A sheer white polish is perfect for any bride’s big day. You can also vary the tone of the white depending on the base polish layer you choose to use. If you want your nails to have a slightly pink or peachy tinge, use one layer of polish in one of these shades before adding over your jelly-white polish. Personally, we love OPI Bubble Bath, £14.90 here, paired with a sheer white.

French tip cloud nails

Elevated French tips

Credit: Biosculpture via sophiastylianou_

If you love a French tip but you also like the idea of opting for a slightly more white shade of base polish, you can combine the two looks to create this mani masterpiece. We’d recommend using a pink base colour before adding on the French tips with a white polish. Then, blend the outlines of the tips by adding over a milky white colour over the top.

Pearly cloud nails

We love these pearly cloud nails

Credit: OPI via Iramshelton

Finally, if you want an elevated mani that plays on the chrome nail trend started by Hailey Bieber, simply paint your nails a jelly white and then buff on a chrome powder like this £9 one from Glazed for a pearly finish.


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