You’ve probably heard of the Russian lip filler technique, but have you heard of butterfly lips? This method of applying filler for plump lips and an ultra-lifted Cupid’s bow has been doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram for the past few weeks and is trending today after Lauren Goodger and Katie Price revealed the results of their own butterfly lip filler transformations.

Lauren took to Instagram yesterday to let her followers know that she’d just headed to a London-based beauty clinic to try the new method of having lip filler applied. Just a few days before Lauren shared her makeover content, Katie Price also tried butterfly lips for herself.

Left, Lauren getting the 'butterfly lips' filler method, and right, Katie having the same treatment

You’ll notice both of their in-clinic selfies show their lips looking plumper than ever before, and that Steri-Strips have been used on the stars’ lips. This tape aspect of the butterfly method is what makes this filler trend potentially dangerous, explains Emma Wedgwood, a registered nurse and founder of Emma Wedgwood Aesthetics.

“Butterfly lips is the latest lip filler trend being shared all over social media as an effective method for plumping up the top lip. This is usually done by taping the lips and injecting dermal fillers and neurotoxins (such as Botox) to give a more prominent Cupid’s bow,” she explains.

“I wouldn’t recommend this treatment to my patients as it is very unsafe and can carry a high risk of infection from the tape itself. It’s also important to note that taping your lips will not change their natural anatomy. Other side effects include prolonged downtime and lip filler migration caused by too many injections being administered too close together.”

Lauren shows the filler process in an Instagram Reel

The filler technique isn’t just worrying professionals like Emma, it’s also causing quite a stir on TikTok with mixed reviews from users who are debating whether the plump effect looks good in real life and not just on camera.

“I’m not sure this will look good from every angle,” comments one, while a second speculates: “Some of that has to be swelling from the procedure, surely.”

As with all filler trends, they’re best left on social media. If you do want a certain look, it’s always best to book in with a professional and licensed doctor or aesthetician to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve, and what they can offer within the parameters of what’s healthy and realistic.


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