I am finally admitting defeat and accepting that Summer is basically over and Autumn is here. I used to really love to welcome the more Autumnal months, enjoying the cosiness of warm sweaters and hot drinks, but this year I just want the Summer to go on and on! The one good thing about the arrival of Autumn is that it brings with it a transition into a more interesting colour scheme, particularly when it comes to make-up. I’m not suggesting you need to run out and replace all of your Summer shades with warmer, more rustic tones, but if you do fancy adding a bit more Autumnal joy to your kit, Eyeko’s Limitless range has you covered!

I was sent three products from the Limitless range, the Limitless Eyeshadow Palette (£25 here – link) in colourway 2, the Limitless Lengthening Mascara (£19 here – link) and the Limitless Longwear Pencil Eyeliner (£15 here – link). I’ll start with the Limitless Longwear Pencil Eyeliner, which is available in five shades that include your typical black and brown, plus a navy, an aubergine (yes please!) and a pale ivory for brightening the waterline. I use liners almost exclusively on my upper waterline (often referred to as “tight-lining”) as I don’t tend to use eyeliners to draw actual lines (laziness, mostly) so a pencil for this needs to be the perfect blend of creaminess so it’ll glide along the upper, inner lash line, pigment so it’ll actually place colour on the rim, and also staying power so it won’t quickly breakdown, the latter of which is usually the biggest issue as the inner waterline is very wet. This liner is an absolute treat, excelling at all the above and providing a very comfortable and easy-to-apply experience that stays put and doesn’t travel.

Next up is the Limitless Lengthening Mascara, which comes in either black or brown, the former of which is the one I have. I know I’m hitting that age where I’m supposed to be moving over to the more gentle brown mascara, but I love the deep, inky impact of a black mascara so I’m defiantly sticking with it! I always go for lengthening mascaras as I like long, fluttery lashes. The Limitless Lengthening Mascara is fantastic; from the minute I tried it, I knew it was a superstar product and I’ve been using it pretty much every time I’ve applied makeup since. There was a tiny bit of smudging by the end of the day after I had been wearing it for quite a few hours, but it was nothing major and certainly not significant enough to put me off.

The Limitless Eyeshadow Palette comes in four colourways that are all gorgeous – I would say, if I had to pick out one of them for myself, I would’ve gone for 1 (or even Concrete Pink which I think is the newest arrival) because I do love a cool toned palette, but I was sent 2 and, as you can see, it provides rich, warm tones that are very autumnal and extremely flattering. The formula of these is an absolute dream and the colours pair really well together. Expect impressive payoff in a powder that blends beautifully and easily. These are such good value at £25 a pop.

Find the full Eyeko Limitless range here – link.

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By Editor