Known for its wearable, ergonomic nail prep brushes, Manicure Project has launched its most accessible brush to date: L’Omni.

Founded by nail tech, Natalie Havariyoun, Manicure Project aims to reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) and improve techs’ performance through its tools.

L’Omni is lightweight to provide a ‘barely there’ feel and ease of use when worn during nail prep, and rotates to an angle that suits each tech, helping to prevent RSI. It features a single compact brush head for precision work.

Unlike the brand’s La Brush collection, which comprises three models: Original, Micro and Neo, that require sizing, L’Omni has a universal fit. Its C-shaped handle allows the brush to be worn at the point on a nail tech’s ring or little finger that fits them.

Due to its universal fit, the brush makes an ideal product for educators, as their students can use the tool to practise correct brushing techniques, without needing to prior establish their size.

L’Omni also has the client in mind, with its soft bristles ideal for use on sensitive cuticles and effortlessly reaching under and around the nail fold, side walls and free edge to remove dust and particles.

Manicure Project encourages educators that want to modernise and incorporate L’Omni into their teaching to email

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