Analysing search volume data on Pinterest, discount platform, Wethrift, has revealed the 10 most popular spring nail trends for 2024.

Wethrift reports searches for ‘spring nails’ increasing by 1011% on Pinterest, seeing a shift away from the deep and moody palette of autumn and winter with the return of pastel hues and soft floral designs.

The top 10 spring nail trends according to Wethrift are:

  • Daisy nails
  • Pastel colours
  • Strawberry nail art
  • Minimalistic manis
  • Olive nails
  • Classic red
  • Colourful French tips
  • Silver chrome
  • Pearl nails
  • Aura nails

1. Daisy nails

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With searches for daisy nails increasing by 1,750%, trend expert & founder of Wethrift, Nick Drewe, comments: “As daisies bloom around springtime, this nail style is the perfect on-trend choice for your next manicure. As the colours are typically white and yellow, this nail choice will complement any outfit.”

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2. Pastel colours

The beauty industry predicted the revival of simple polish looks in 2024, and pastel nail colours for spring are no exception,” says Nick Drewe, with research by Wethrift showing a 1,633% increase in searches for pastel coloured nails. “Pastel hues mirror the subtle beauty in nature at this time of year. Taking it back to basics with block colour on your nails is perfect for those who prefer a more simplistic and elegant nail design.”

3. Strawberry nail art

With searches for strawberry nails spiking by 580%, Nick Drewe reveals: “This nail style came to the forefront of design inspo for springtime, thanks to the queen of trends herself, Hailey Bieber. Strawberry nails are a subtle yet fun way to switch up a simple manicure or French tip. With spring often symbolising a time for growth and renewal in nature, strawberry nails are a cute nod to the time of year.”

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4. Minimalistic manis

Minimalistic manis continue their popularity, with Wethrift noting a 235% increase in searches. Nick Drewe predicts: “Embracing natural beauty will continue to be a huge trend this year, particularly with nail designs, whether that be a classic French tip or a natural finish. This style of nail is a great way to embody the ‘clean girl aesthetic’.”

5. Olive nails

“Green is one of the season’s top colours. If you love earthy tones, the staple olive shade is fitting for the renewal of nature in springtime,” says Nick Drewe, with Wethrift data showing searches for olive nails increasing by 203%. “Olive green is a muted tone with just enough depth to make a statement and soft enough to go with anything. The simple yet glamorous essence of the manicure makes it a crowd pleaser for those who may have elegant spring events or a city break booked for the season.”

6. Classic red

Don’t ditch the red hues now that autumn and winter are behind us – red is proving its popularity throughout the spring months in 2024, with searches for classic red nails increasing by 156%. “Red is considered a timeless classic and will never go out of style. This season, red is becoming a firm favourite across the beauty industry. Go simple by creating a red French tip, or get creative with a fun design that incorporates red. If you want something that leans on the classy side, go for a simple red gloss finish,” recommends Nick Drewe.

7. Colourful French tips

“If you are someone who routinely gets a classic French tip, switching out the white for a bright colour is a great way to welcome in the new season. You can go for a uniform approach, with one continuous colour on all tips, or you can choose a range of colours that vary from nail to nail. For spring, you could incorporate pastel colours that are often associated with this time of year,” Nick Drewe suggests. Searches for colourful French tips have increased by 138% according to research from Wethrift.

8. Silver chrome

Statement silver chrome styles maintain popularity in 2024, with Wethrift reporting an increase in searches by 138%. “While spring and summer are often associated with brighter colours, silver chrome nails are a vibe, especially as we approach festival season. If you are opting for a more monochromatic aesthetic, silver chrome nails are perfect for you,” adds Nick Drewe. “Take inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s most recent manicure, where the beauty icon was pictured at a press event for her new cocktail company with silver chrome nails. Opt for a silver chrome French tip or request a personalised pattern for a toned-down look.”

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9. Pearl nails

Pearl nails exude elegance and offer a brighter touch to manicures this spring. Similar to glazed donut nails, the pearl nail trend is subtle yet vibrant. For a classic take on the trend, go for the traditional pearl finish or for a more springtime approach, trade out the white pearl look for a light blue, pink or yellow tint,” Nick Drewe advises, seeing a 131% rise in searches for pearl nails.

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10. Aura nails

Wethrift data reports a 116% rise in searches for aura nails. “A newcomer in nail trends, the aura nail design has taken social media by storm,” Nick Drewe notes. “The design takes a burst of one colour and diffuses it into another complementary colour. You can customise the look of this nail trend to reflect your mood or encapsulate the essence of the new season.”

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