Hats off to you if you’re planning to wear formal headgear for a big event. It’s a trending look fashion-wise, but you need to make sure your hair completes the look, not competes for attention.

One person who always gets it spot on is the Princess of Wales, thanks to one simple hair rule the experts say we should all follow. And it’s this: a fancy hat needs a fancy up-do.

“Kate’s updos are the perfect choice, because it’s got to be hat or hair,” says celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas, founder of hair tools brand MDLondon. “Having your hair up keeps the whole look formal and beauty orientated. Wearing a hat with your hair down only works if it’s that messy boho look for a festival.”

The Princess knows how to pair her hair with a hat

(Sadly, the only Kate we’re likely to spot at Glasto with a fedora and wellies combo is Ms Moss, but we do think the Princess of Wales could pull off that look too. Just saying.)

“For a formal event when you’re wearing a hat, you want to look elegant,” says Michael. “Have your hair neatly pinned at the nape, so it sits below the hat brim. It’s such a soft, feminine look and it really shows off the face and neck. It works especially well for Kate as she has such a beautiful jawline.”

Kate's up-do is perfectly placed for her hat

While Kate doubtless employs a professional to craft her braided chignons, you don’t need to be an expert to create a passable DIY effort. The hat actually works in your favour, because you only need to think about the visible part of your hair. What lies beneath can remain a secret.

Kate looks great in a hat

The Princess of Wales is brimming with style

“If you’re doing your own hair for a hat-wearing occasion, it’s a lot easier than you might think,” explains Michael. “I’d recommend splitting your hair down the middle and doing two simple plaits. Roll them over each other two or three times, depending on your hair’s length, and pin them into place.

“It's a really nice way to put your hair up and anyone can do it. You don't need to worry too much about the rest of your hair because it's hidden by the hat anyway."

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