Gelish has launched the On The Go Electric Nail File: a beginner and student-friendly E-file with a cordless design and lightweight finish.

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The Gelish Mini On The Go Electric Nail File has three speeds with low, medium and high settings: ideal for removing gel enhancements and shaping, filing and manicuring the natural nail.

The cordless device weighs 60g, so is ideal for mobile pros and a great first step into E-filing practices for beginner and student nail techs. The On The Go E-File features 12 interchangeable bits and six sanding bands. To insert the bits, lightly push, and gently pull to remove the bits, ensuring the device is switched off.

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The E-file is rechargeable via USB-C and once fully charged, has up to 60 minutes of use. It includes an auto-shut off feature after 10 minutes for added safety.

The Gelish Mini On The Go Electric Nail File also features a reverse rotation option. Power the device on and off by pressing the power button for three seconds, and press the rotation button to reverse the rotations. The device indicates the direction of rotation with a green indicator for clockwise and red for counterclockwise.

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The E-file includes:

  • Gelish Mini On The Go Electric Nail File
  • Small Barrel Diamond Bit – overlay surface work
  • Medium Barrel Diamond Bit – overlay surface work
  • Bullet Shape Diamond Bit – smoothing calluses & skin surrounding the nail
  • Flame Shape Diamond Bit – shaping or removing gel polish
  • Needle Shape Diamond Bit – for hard-to-reach places
  • Truncated Cone Diamond Bit – refining product surface at cuticles & nail walls
  • Shiner Bit – polishing the nail surface
  • Barrel Fine Silicone Bit – smoothing natural nails & overlays
  • Barrel Tapered Silicone Bit – smoothing around cuticles & nail walls
  • Big Cone Cross-Cut Ceramic Bit – removing nail extensions
  • Disc Bit – shaping & filing the free edge
  • Mandrel Bit – six sanding bands in course, medium & fine grit

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