When it comes to ageless beauty, no one does it better than Victoria Beckham. The ex-Spice Girl turned fashion mogul is renowned for her radiant, youthful complexion, but it's not just her face that boasts an enviable glow.

You may have spotted that Victoria's body also typically has a luminous glow that gives her a fresh-from-the-sun, dewy look, with her legs, arms and chest often emitting a highlighted shimmer. Luckily, we've discovered a product that's ideal for achieving the same effortless glow, and we'll be popping the Proshine High Shine Body Oil, £30 here, into our beauty bags pronto.

Copy Victoria Beckham's dewy glow with a £30 body oil stick

The Proshine Body Oil is the ultimate handbag secret for maintaining glowy and hydrated skin, and is a self-proclaimed "lazy girl moisturiser" that doubles as a body highlighter. It's favoured by both professional makeup artists and everyday beauty enthusiasts, and is the perfect quick fix when you want to give your body a literal glow up.

It includes soy wax, shea butter and mango butter which collaborate to hydrate your skin and seal in moisture for long-lasting soft skin. They also contribute to nourishing your complexion and shielding it from environmental damage, keeping it healthy and supple, reports the Mirror.

The body oil stick is not just a do-gooder, it's also the perfect beauty hack for that glow-boost. It doesn't just leave your skin with a natural dewy shine, but also brightens up your complexion, all thanks to the moringa oil and tamanu seed oil.

The Proshine Solid Body Oil gives you a Victoria-worthy glow

On top of that, the D panthenol and provitamin B5 in the mix strengthen your skin barrier, ensuring it stays hydrated for longer, while tomato seed oil works wonders on dry, cracked and sore skin. Plus, it leaves a divine perfumed scent on your skin, with a rich, woody fragrance courtesy of the blend of cedar leaf, jasmine, may chang and petitgrain oils.

Unlike other body oils that can be messy and stain your clothes, this Proshine one comes in a convenient stick-like formula that's a breeze to apply without wasting any product. It's also easy to use on the move, so you can get that last-minute hydrating glow wherever, whenever.

The stick acts as a mosituriser and glow-giver all in one

In the past, Victoria has shared that she swears by the Reflect Highlighter Stick, £40 here, from her own brand Victoria Beckham Beauty to get her skin's natural-looking glow. The highlighter stick boasts a creamy formula that effortlessly glides onto your skin, leaving behind a dewy, glass-like finish.

It comes in two different shades, and for those of you who aren't fans of glitter, you'll be chuffed to know it has a shimmer-free finish that gives a naturally radiant look. Victoria's shown before how she uses it to highlight certain areas of her face, but you can totally use it on your body too, especially on areas like your collarbones, shoulders and legs to help achieve that holiday-worthy glow.

We reckon it could just become our new summer skincare must-have!

By Editor