Since it first aired on our screens in 2013, Gogglebox has become a household favourite, as viewers tuned in to see the castmates give their verdict on various films and TV shows from the week.

Over the years, many of the castmates have become celebrities in their own right after appearing in the series, with some of them undergoing major transformations both on and off our screens.

Although the format never changes, the stars of the reality series have come and gone from out screens, with some of them going on to impressive careers in the spotlight, like Scarlett Moffatt, who won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2016 after leaving Gogglebox.

From current stars like Ellie and Izzi Warner to original commentators like Amy Tapper, there have been some dramatic beauty transformations from some of our favourite castmates over the years.

Ellie Warner

Ellie has never been afraid of a dramatic hair colour change

When Ellie joined the series in 2015 alongside sister Izzi, she was sporting a bright platinum blonde bob. Since joining, hairdresser Ellie has experimented with plenty of different hair colours over the years, rocking almost every colour from lime green to lilac.

However, Ellie now has opted for much longer baby pink curls that fall past her chest as she shows off her growing baby bump during filming and on her Instagram. The star chose the dusty pink colour early last year and has stuck with it ever since.

Izzi Warner

Izzi has swapped her dark hair for a stunning blonde colour

Ellie’s sister Izzi has undergone a major transformation of her own. When she first joined the show, Izzi’s long dark hair was a dramatic contrast with Ellie’s short blonde bob, but since giving birth to her second child in 2020, Izzi looks completely different.

Izzi revealed she took up running in 2022 and has shed a dramatic amount of weight in the process, and her once dark locks have been swapped for long ashy blonde curls with a centre parting. The star had originally opted for a subtle ‘bronde’ ombre colour, before taking the plunge to go fully blonde early last year.

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffat has undergone several dramatic transformations since she first starred on the show

As one of the biggest stars to come out of Gogglebox, it’s no surprise that Scarlett has undergone a dramatic makeover as she turned her talents to TV presenting. The reality star revealed that she’d undergone drastic dental work to give herself new teeth after a bike accident left them blackened 11 years beforehand.

Scarlett has also undergone several major hair transformations, opting for bright red, blonde ombre, and jet black hair colours over the years since leaving the hit show. Recently Scarlett announced she’s expecting her first child, and will no doubt be showing off her latest transformation on her Instagram.

Amy Tapper

Last year, original cast mate Amy Tapper began a weight loss and fitness journey

Another of the original Gogglebox cast, Amy Tapper joined her family on the sofa 10 years ago when she was just 13. In December, Amy showed off her impressive 3.5stone weight loss with a transformation video, and often shares videos of her workouts on her Instagram.

Amy had received cruel comments about her weight from trolls over the years, but Amy looks radiant in recent photos, and shares outfit inspiration and videos of her recent shopping hauls. She also gets plenty of support from fans and other celebs as she continues on her weight loss journey.

Sophie Sandiford

Sophie is another castmate who has experimented with plenty of different hair colours over the years

Sophie joined Gogglebox with her brother Pete in 2017, and quickly became two of the show’s most popular castmates due to their hilarious commentary. When she first joined the show Shopie had dark hair with an ombre effect at the bottom, which was cut into a blunt chest length style.

However, since joining the show Sophie has undergone several major hair changes, including dying it bright purple, turquoise, orange, and even jet black. More recently, however, Sophie has opted for a subtle brunette colour with blonde ombre at the bottom, giving her a more elevated version of her first ever look on the show.


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