While we were all distracted by Taylor Swift’s immoveable red lipstick and Usher’s nostalgic 00s performance during Sunday’s Super Bowl, there was another beauty look that flew somewhat under the radar – Hailey Bieber’s new hair. The model kept a reasonably low profile during the sporting event, but now she’s given us a closer look at her brand new dramatic hair transformation – and we’re in love.

Her new look saw her ditching her signature golden ‘cinnamon cookie butter’ hue in favour of a much darker, richer chocolate syrup shade – perfect for the queen of sweet-treat themed beauty trends. Her new locks are a mixture of a chocolate brown base and faint golden highlights, with face-framing layers and a smooth, sleek finish that we can guarantee will be showing up in hairdressers’ mood boards in no time.

Hailey Bieber has ditched her cinnamon cookie butter hair colour

Although we caught a brief glance at her new look during Sunday's American football game, Hailey recently shared a series of snaps on her Instagram for Valentine’s Day including a much closer look at her hair shade, and we’re already itching to replicate the look ourselves. For any dramatic hair makeovers, we would always recommend visiting your hairstylist, as not only can they create a shade that matches your skin tone, but they can work their magic on creating a style and shape that suits your features – much safer than grabbing your kitchen scissors and a bottle of hair dye at home.

However, if you’re something of a DIY queen or just fancy trying your hand at the look yourself, there are some practical tips you can follow to make your own personal makeover as successful as possible. For Hailey’s look, it features an overall cool shade of brown with warm undertones that look great with cooler skin tones.

Hailey gave a closer look at her new chocolate syrup hair colour on Instagram

Laura Elliott, head stylist at haircare specialists Neäl & Wølf who has over 20 years’ experience in the hair industry, said: “If you’re like Hailey and have cool undertones of blue, pink and purple, this chocolate shade will most likely suit your complexion as the cool tones in the hair can enhance the natural cool undertones in the skin. This will help to create a more flattering and cohesive appearance.”

If you want a DIY at-home colour, L'Oreal Paris’s Casting Creme Gloss in shade 454 Chocolate Brownie, £9.02 here, is a great semi-permanent way to test out if Hailey’s new chocolate shade is for you, with a similar warm undertone and cooler base tone without being quite as dark. If you’re ready to take a more permanent plunge, Garnier’s Good Permanent Hair Dye in Mochaccino Brown 6.0, £7.99 here (was £11.99), has a cream consistency that makes it easier to apply and makes you less likely to miss a spot.

Fans got a first glimpse at her hair during Sunday's Super Bowl

For those of you who already have brunette locks but are looking for more of a subtle change, Glaze’s range of glosses work like a tinted moisturiser for your hair to add a subtle change of shade whilst also leaving it looking sleek and shiny – perfect for a Hailey-inspired makeover. There’s plenty of different shade ranges to choose from too, including this Super Gloss Cocoa Lights, £16 here, which helps to refresh your natural colour and neutralise any unwanted undertones.

To finish off your new chocolate syrup hair, a mask is essential to get that supermodel shine that makes Hailey’s hair look so luxurious. We love Hair Gain’s Nourishing Hair Mask, £25.60 here, which has been a fave amongst celebs like Denise Van Outen for creating shiny, healthy hair and boosting its growth, as well as Neal & Wolf’s Hydrate Moisture Hair Mask, £24.95 here, which locks in moisture and improves shine. Supermodel hair, this way!

By Editor