It's official, red is out and pink is back. It's almost back in time for the one-year anniversary since the Barbie movie dropped and caused widespread pink hysteria last summer. The reason the pretty hue is trending again? It's not thanks to Margot Robbie, this time it's because of Hailey Bieber.

The model has the unique ability to start a beauty trend at, quite literally, the click of her fingers, and this week she's posted her fingernails in a milky pink hue that her manicurist, Nails by Zola, has dubbed a 'pink jelly glaze' look.

"Pink jelly glaze @haileybieber. Perfect spring treats," Zola writes on Instagram, sharing a Reel of how her followers can recreate the exact spring-ready hue for themselves at home. The nail pro also helpfully lists each OPI shade she used to get the look, noting these as key players: "Hotter than you pink, Alpine Snow white, Tin Man Can chrome powder, Stay Shiny top coat, Stay strong base coat."

Hailey has found the perfect nail shade for spring: a jelly glaze pink

Those looking to recreate the shade at home for themselves have been left delighted by Zola's detailed description of the process, taking to the comment section to ask for more advice on achieving Hailey's perfect pink mani.

"Which top coat do you use to apply the chrome? As far as I'm aware OPI doesn't have any Non Wipe Top Coat. I see you used later 'Stay Shining' but what did you use before applying the pigment?" asks one.

Zola responds: "Yeah it has sticky residue. But I just wipe it with alcohol wipes before I rub the chrome."

A second follower also asks for an alternative suggestion to a sold-out shade from the above list: "Alternative for Tin Man can? It has been sold out for a very long time!"

"Ice queen from @nailstampingqueenuk," another responds to that query.

The key to nailing this tone is to get the perfect combination of a Barbie-like pink in a jelly, rather than block, formula, and a chrome powder to finish and to give the reflective, pearlescent sheen that so many of Hailey's nail looks now feature.

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Hailey Bieber just introduced ‘pink jelly glaze’ nails as the spring mani trend

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