The Hair & Beauty Charity has shared insight from the last five years of its work, revealing that there has been a 1,200% rise in the number of people aged 18-30 asking for help from the charity.

Figures also show that there has been a 300% rise in male applicants aged 31-40. The statistics highlight a significant shift from applications prior to 2019, when most applicants were older and requested help as they were unable to work due to illness.

Mental illness cases peaked during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, but the data shows a reduction in these cases by 43%. However, there has been a dramatic rise (120% from 2020 to 2023) in the number of applicants requesting financial help after fleeing domestic abuse, or being unable to work due to trauma resulting from a sexual attack.

Natalie Merola“The work of the Hair & Beauty Charity is vital in helping friends and colleagues in the industry, and we know we are only scratching the surface,” comments charity manager, Natalie Merola.

“As a female-dominated industry, the rise in domestic abuse cases is particularly shocking, as is the number of young people in serious financial difficulty. Thankfully for most people, we offer temporary support when they need it the most, helping them to get back on their feet into permanent work.

“For others, we are there to help at their most difficult times – through the loss, both mentally and financially, of a partner, and providing days out for children to make memories before losing a parent.”

The Hair & Beauty Charity is run by volunteers from the sector, who help to provide practical and financial support to hair and beauty professionals who have fallen on hard times and their families.

The charity has launched its supporter campaign and is asking professionals to give a monthly donation from £5 to allow it to continue its vital work. Click here to get involved…

You can also support the Hair & Beauty Charity by purchasing from the Scratch store, where there is an option to donate £1.

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