With three big red carpet events down and several big ones to go, the awards season for 2024 is hotting up. And if you love waking up to see all of the glamorous celebrity hair and make-up looks from the night before, we're here to clue you into some of the biggest trends we've started to see on the red carpets.

To get a heads up on the top hair looks currently hitting it big in the celeb hair world, we spoke to an expert who styles the lengths of the famous and fabulous on the daily, Hadley Yates.

With clients ranging from Vogue Williams to Carol Vorderman, Hadley knows a thing or two about trends before they even hit the mass market. So, in a bid to get a heads up on the top styles we're all about to be influenced into trying, he's dishing the top five looks here. 'Heir hair', anyone?

'Mob wife' waves

Kylie Jenner models 'mob wife' waves

If you've been anywhere near social media in the past few weeks you'll have likely come across the mob wife beauty trend. To summarise the look, it's the opposite of the clean girl beauty trend that tapped into make-up minimalism. Instead, the mob aesthetic pulls from legendary on-screen mafia wives like Carmela Soprano from HBO's The Sopranos.

"Kylie Jenner wore the perfect mob wife wave at Paris Fashion Week," explains Hadley. " It was really curly at the front and less styled at the back. Think of it more like an elevated Marilyn Monroe look."

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Liquid hair

Dua Lipa looks incredible with glassy hair

If you want an example of glass hair being done perfectly, look to Dua Lipa and Michelle Yeoh, who both wore glossy, flowing tresses to the Golden Globes.

"It's an extension of the 'glass skin' skincare trend that focuses on a dewy, bouncy complexion. For hair, we achieve a mirror-like, glassy result with two products: Colourwow's Deam Coat Spray [£27 here] followed by a spritz of the brand's Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray [£26 here]," he says.

The 'done' updo

Slick styles are on the return thanks to celebs like Selena Gomez

Did you spot hairstyles going more slick at the Golden Globes and the Governors Awards? Get your hair gel ready because this style, modelled perfectly by Selena Gomez, is making a resurgence.

"2023 was the year of the messy Pamela Anderson-inspired updo, with face-framing tendrils, beachy texture and a bed-head finish reigning supreme," Hadley says. "This season we're going back to classic red carpet glam with structured and slick buns and ponytails."

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Grown-out French bob

Ayo Edebiri shows just how feminine and flattering bobs can be

If celebrities and influencers haven't already influenced you into cutting your hair into a shoulder-skimming cut, you might be reaching for the scissors after the Oscars and the BAFTAs have passed. Here, Ayo Edebiri shows just how feminine and flattering (and not mumsy!) the style can look.

"To make a Parisian-inspired, slightly grown-out cut like this look cool, the key is making sure the hair has enough thickness on the ends. Filler extensions in the form of tapes or bonds can be added to the sides of hair to boost the density," Hadley says. "We also make the cut look modern by keeping it blunt but shattering the ends with a razor. This technique breaks up the bulk of hair a bit so it has thickness but still moves."

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'Heir' hair

'Heir hair' is all about expensive-looking layers and shine

Good news for Friends fans, 'the Rachel' cut is on its way back into style, as modelled by Jennifer Aniston herself.

"There's no doubt we're going to see plenty of bobs this awards season, but long hair is also making a return to the spotlight," Hadley explains. "We've already seen two clients in the past week extend their freshly-cut bobs because they feel sexier with long hair. Short hair is a statement but there will be a return to length. The style we're seeing on red carpets is a mix of the Rachel cut with layers and shape, and also very sleek, shiny 90's hair."

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