When it comes to finances, January is often the time we not only find money tighter than usual, but it’s also the perfect time to take a look at your budget ahead of the year and decide where you can cut back when it comes to spending.

It may not be the most fun or the most glamorous task, but being financially savvy is a great way to make yourself feel more in control of your future. However, when taking a peek at your spending, it’s often the things we consider a treat but not a necessity that are the first to be cut – and one of those is typically our beauty routines.

Searches for at home lash lifts have risen recently

Although we’re big advocates for taking care of yourself and investing in feeling good, there are ways you can cut back on your beauty spending without having to forgo looking and feeling good about yourself, and one of those is swapping your regular costly treatments for a more affordable at-home version.

It seems we’re not alone in wanting to cut back on our beauty spending, with searches for ‘home lash lift kit’ soaring by 110% recently as shoppers looking for other, less costly alternatives to their fave beauty treatments.

With the average LVL lash lift costing anything from £25-£90 and only lasting four to six weeks, it’s no wonder we’re all on the hunt for something that’s going to save us money – and luckily some savvy shoppers think they’ve found just the thing.

Mavala's Double Lash Night Treatment has been a big hit with shoppers

Mavala’s Double Lash Night Treatment, £18.50 here, has been praised by users for making their lashes look longer and thicker in as little as two days, with results that are longer lasting and easier on your bank balance than heading out for a salon treatment.

The serum has a blend of ingredients that are vitamin- and protein-rich which help to boost your lash’s growth process, helping increase their lifespan and shortening the telogen phase (the falling phase). It has a mascara wand applicator that makes it easy to use, and you simply swipe it across your lashes each evening to help encourage their length and density, as well as conditioning them.

Although not quite the same process as a classic lash lift, according to shoppers the results have been almost identical, with one user saying: “After trying many different types of lash treatment, most of which were far more expensive, one costing £89, I have found Mavala, only been using it for 2 weeks and it’s working, very good price and I have 2 in my basket at the moment”

Other reviews said: “I bought this product last week and tried it out a few days ago and believe me or not but within 2 days I’ve begun to see results my lashes are looking longer now even my smaller lashes are Starting to grow as well!”

The treatment encourages your lashes to grow thicker and longer

Another wrote: “Wow this is a hidden beauty gem, I used it every night and in a few weeks I noticed the difference putting on my mascara. My eyelashes have even started to touch the inside of my glasses! Defo permanent addition to my nighttime routine, love love love. ”

A third also said: “This product is now an essential part of my skincare routine, it has delivered amazing results for both my lashes and brows too! I have sensitive eyes and it's gentle enough for me to use. My lashes definitely appear much longer and fuller.”

If you prefer a more traditional lash lift effect, the ICONSIGN Eyelash Lift Kit, £21.99 here, is one of Amazon’s best sellers, with more than 2000 five star reviews with one saying: “This product is amazing, the result is exact same aa professional LVL lash lift. Would highly recommend.”

Longer lashes without having to leave the house? We're in.

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