Perhaps it’s work that’s keeping you up late at night, or you’re just having a night out with friends, but most of us can’t escape pulling occasional all-nighters. The truth of the matter is a lack of sleep can really take a toll on our skin.

The aftermath of an all-nighter can be evidently seen on our skin the next day – dryness, dullness and not to forget the dreadful dark eye circles.

To appear less tired and keep your glow, read on for tips on how you can revive your skin after a long night!

Tips to revive your skin after a long night

The Night Itself

1. Remove and cleanse

cleanser 1

We get it. After a long and busy day, cleansing your skin might be the last thing on your mind.

While the temptation to head straight to bed is real, so are clogged pores, acne and a whole slew of skin problems you would do best to avoid.

Just take five minutes to remove your makeup/sunscreen and thoroughly cleanse your face the moment you get home or right before your all-nighter. This way, there’s lesser chance of procrastination. Cleansing early also ensures your skin stays fresh for the long night ahead!

2. Prep your skin for night repair

moisturiser 6

If you have remaining energy left, slather on a moisturiser. Lack of sleep can cause your skin to be drier than usual, making fine lines and wrinkles even more visible. This is why moisturising our skin is key in the skin’s recovery process. While sleeping, our skin works hard to repair itself and hydrating ingredients provide the building blocks to help!

The Next Morning

3. Revive your glow

Our skin tends to appear dull and lacklustre after a late night. Start your morning routine by exfoliating.

miraglo & cleanser 1

Exfoliating helps to slough off the dead skin cells that contribute to dullness and uncover the glow beneath. Pair Miraglo with Cleanser 1 for gentle yet precise exfoliation. Massage gently with upward-lifting strokes for a more lifted and sculpted face line.

4. Rejuvenate your skin

skinlight t3 & skinrecon t4

Want to look less tired? Boost your routine using serums that target skin renewal and nourishment. Skinlight T3 helps to encourage skin renewal while Skinrecon T4 completes the process by nourishing new skin. This duo is our go-to pair for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

5. Soothe and hydrate

Having a drink too many the night before and poor sleep quality are culprits for dehydrated and puffy skin.

Tip 1:
toner t2 & aqua boost serum 10 & moisturiser 6

For the ultimate hydration boost, apply Hydro Mask followed by Toner T2 or Aqua Boost Serum 10 to infuse moisture in your skin. Don’t forget to lock in all the moisture with Moisturizer 6!

Tip 2:

If your skin is experiencing redness, soothe and calm it down by mixing Refining Serum 9 with Moisturizer 6. The cooling sensation from Refining Serum 9 can also help to ‘wake up’ tired skin.

Bonus: Lift with LIF
lif & aqua boost serum 10

After applying Aqua Boost Serum 10, use LIF for 5 minutes to lift and rejuvenate your skin. The Lifting (L) Mode helps to “lift” sagging skin and smoothen fine lines.

6. Depuff your eyes

The most obvious sign that you’ve been staying up? Tired-looking eyes.

eye mask & eye cream

Try applying an eye mask for a quick fix. Eye masks give your tired-looking peepers an intensive treat for a brighter-looking appearance. Pop the mask in the fridge 30 minutes before use and it’ll help to depuff your eyes!


Apply eye cream after your eye mask for an upgraded eye care routine.


Our skin is largely dependent on what goes on inside our body. So, on top of skin care, you can also rejuvenate your body by drinking loads of water the next morning to flush out the toxins in your body. Enjoy a warm cup of tea – green tea, chamomile or an herbal mix of goji berries with chrysanthemum can help to detox and awaken the senses.

If you’ve got a late night coming up, try these tips out the next day and let us know how they work for you in the comments below!

By Editor