Are you seeing darker eye circles and more fine lines around your eyes? Staying up late and working overtime can make it worse.

It’s time for some emergency eye care to refresh and brighten your eyes!

Keep scrolling to find out why these DR’s Secret users love our Vitalising Eye Mask and how it helped revitalise their weary eyes in 7 days*!

Vitalising Eye Mask User Reviews

Taiwanese beauty influencer Stephy Ko

stephy eye mask review

“It is made of biocellulose material which makes it really adhesive when applied. Even as I’m talking with the mask on, I didn’t notice air bubbles creeping in. Apart from feeling my skin becoming more firm, it also feels like the skin cells around my eyes are awakened and is constantly drinking water.”

— Stephy Ko

Experienced real user Howard Lin

howard eye mask review

“Vitalising Eye Mask uses the Liposome Intensive Delivery Technology (LID Technology). The liposomes closely resemble our skin cell membrane which make them highly penetrable, allowing the essence to be absorbed quickly and effectively. After using the mask, I feel that my eye area is well-nourished. My skin is firmer and feels brighter.

What I found to be the most impressive was, the eye mask covers not just the top and bottom of the eye area, but also all around it too. I feel that Vitalising Eye Mask is especially helpful towards females who love putting on eye makeup!”

eye mask all around eye area

— Howard Lin

Taiwanese influencer Sunnie Lee

sunnie eye mask review

“This mask is narrower on the top and broader below. Take note of the shape to avoid applying it wrongly. The material is very thin and feels like a second skin. It hugs the skin very well and feels very comfortable and hydrating too. As a fan of biocellulose masks, this eye mask really won my heart. After using it for 7 days, my skin feels more hydrated, and my wrinkles have also improved!”

— Sunnie Lee

Bonus Tip:

steps to apply eye cream

Pair Vitalising Eye Mask with Eye Cream for the best results! After using the mask, use Eye Cream (1 pump for each eye) to dot lightly with your fingertips around the eye area and massage gently in a circular motion for enhanced absorption.

*Refers to a week where 3 reviewers used the Vitalising Eye Mask on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day.

By Editor