Spring is nearly upon us and that means one thing: celebs are packing in their 'winter' beauty treatments so they can emerge in the sunny weather looking fresh.

One treatment we're hearing a lot about at the moment is eyebrow microblading. This semi-permanent, tattoo procedure uses a fine-tip, handheld tool that picks up ink and implants the colour down in the dermis, the second layer of skin, resulting in long-lasting fine strokes of hair that mimic the real thing.

One celeb who has discovered the powers of microblading is Ellie Goulding. The singer, who has recently made a return to blonde hair from brunette, has uploaded her results to her TikTok page, noting that they look a little darker than she'd hoped.

"I asked for eyebrows and I bloody got them guys #microblading Please fear not… they fade (I hope)," she captions the short clip, adding a laughing face emoji for good measure.

Ellie shows off her new brows to her TikTok followers

Ellie's eyebrows before having microblading

Ellie's 1.5 million followers have taken to the comment section to put her mind at ease, with many saying it took a few days for their brows to settle into a more natural shade after having theirs done.

"They look absolutely fine! Should tone down a bit over the days though in case you don’t like them," writes one, while a second adds: "They will look softer by day 10-14 depending on how quickly you heal".

Ellie isn't the first celeb this week to show off her freshly transformed arches. Stacey Solomon similarly took to TikTok to debut the results of her own microblade makeover, which left her beaming. In the video shared by beauty salon Love Talya, Stacey got a first look at her new permanent brows after undergoing a microblading treatment, and it’s safe to say she was happy with the results.

Stacey called the results 'amazing'

Stacey grinned as she showed the natural-looking results, calling them “amazing”. With the microblading giving the appearance of fine, fluffy brow hairs in a perfectly arched shape, we can see why the mum-of-five is so delighted with the results.

If you love the microblade look but you're not ready to take the semi-permanent plunge, you can get the look at home with these brown pens, pencils and gels that mimic the look of fluffy, fine hair strokes…

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Wonderskin Dream Brow Gel-Serum, £19 here

Our OK! tester said: “This is so impressive. It thickens brows, REALLY locks them in place and the tints are good too. For once, the dark brunette shade is actually that, not a bit grey-tinged. Once it’s on, the colour and hold lasts all day. Finally, a tint that stopped my brows going droopy and gappy!”

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