According to a recent survey by Yell, 90% of those questioned said they had attempted DIY beauty treatments at home – from face masks to lash extensions – with 68% of those doing so to save money. And with off-the-shelf formulations better than ever and endless tutorials on TikTok and YouTube, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a rise in people skipping the salon in favour of doing their beauty upkeep themselves. Of course, not everything should be attempted at home.

Many services involve complex techniques that require years of training to master (we have never seen at-home highlights go well, for example), while anything potentially dangerous involving delicate areas, sharp objects or strong chemicals should be left to those qualified to use them safely. Plus, in our minds, nothing really beats the mood-boosting treat of a trip to the salon. But here are two examples of how with the right intel and a little practice (plus a small upfront cost), you could save money on your beauty routine in the long term…

Our head of fashion and beauty Zoe has swapped her twice-monthly salon manicures for DIY nails

Our head of fashion and beauty Zoe has swapped her twice-monthly salon manicures for DIY nails

"I love having my nails done. A gel mani makes me feel more put together and keeps me low maintenance for weeks. But at upwards of £35 for regular shellac in a salon, I was spending around £840 a year on my nails – and probably more like £1,000 if you include the times I got nail art or acrylics. However, I haven’t spent anything close to this over the last year learning how to do my own gel nails.

"Choosing a good LED lamp will make a huge difference in how long your nails last. If you buy a cheap, small lamp, it often won’t be powerful enough to set each layer of polish. I have Mylee’s Pro Salon Series Convex LED Lamp, £50 here, or you can buy the Mylee The Full Works Complete Gel Polish Kit, £130 here, which includes everything you need.

"My other top tips include buffing your nails first and applying a primer (available for around £4)."

Bio Sculpture also offers professional gel manicure training courses for beginners starting from £145 here. It's recommended you book in to ensure you know all about safely using gel polishes and LED lamps.

Antonia, from London, no longer pays for pricey lash treatments after taking a one-off professional training course

“As the owner of blonde, downward-pointing lashes, I’ve spent hundreds of pounds (maybe thousands, if I’m being honest) over the years on treatments that would make my face look less like a potato when I didn’t have make-up on. I first started having eyelash tints and perms when I was in my teens, and the obsession has continued ever since.

"In 2019 I decided to book in with Nouveau Lashes, the leading company behind LVL lash lift treatments in the UK. Nouveau Lashes offers a two-stage course – a theory class followed by in-person training at its HQ. Unfortunately, lockdown followed swiftly after I’d done the theory session. Unable to participate in the practical training, I decided to set about researching the technique myself. "

Antonia, from London, no longer pays for pricey lash treatments after taking a one-off professional training course

"Not wanting to end up in A&E, ensuring I knew what I was doing was imperative, especially given how sensitive my eyes are. Once the kit arrived, I patch-tested the product on the inside of my arm for 48 hours to rule out any reactions and studied several professional YouTube videos about techniques, tips and tricks to ensure I’d get the results I wanted – and safely.

"Thankfully, my eyelashes survived my first attempt – and further efforts – and the results looked great. Once we were able to take part in the practical, I was quick to gain my qualification as an LVL technician. While I’ve never pursued a career with my training, I have gone on to save a fortune on my own treatments instead of paying someone else to do it for me.”

Three new launches to bring the salon to your home

1. Garnier GOOD Permanent Hair Dye 7.12 Sweet Latte, £12 here

Garnier GOOD Permanent Hair Dye 7.12 Sweet Latte £12

A thick, non-drip mask that covers 100% of greys, with four new shades now added to the line-up.

2. Barry M Glazed Nail Paint in 'So Playful', £4.49 here

Barry M Glazed Nail Paint in 'So Playful' £4.49

Give your nails the “glazed doughnut” look at home with this iridescent polish.

3. FOREA Kiwi Derma Device, £149 here

FOREA Kiwi Derma Device £149

Like having a high-tech facial in the palm of your hand, this new dermabrasion tool massages resurfaces, and unclogs pores.

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