If you've been considering getting a fringe, Stacey Solomon has a near-perfect hack to help you decide whether it'll suit you or not. Enter, a faux fringe.

We say near perfect because, as Stacey discovers quickly in a new TikTok hair tutorial, there are a few downsides to a clip-in hairpiece, namely how tricky it can be to colour match against your natural hair. Add that to the blending and styling issues and the results can be a little, err, hit or miss.

"Try a fringe with me. And also perform lash surgery. And also do a full face of make-up, because I can't ever just do one thing," the mum-of-five introduces the video.

"Every time I'm doing my hair, I think maybe I should cut a fringe, like maybe I should just go for something different, cut it, cut a fringe. So I finally bought a fake fringe and I’ll make it a bit ashier. But I just thought I'm just gonna try this out," Stacey adds, showing the hairpiece to the camera.

Stacey is left unsure by the results of her fringe transformation

She doesn't name the stockist of this magnificent hairpiece, but if you're in the market for a faux fringe yourself, you can pick one up for £9.99 here from Amazon in a range of different hair colours.

"I can't wait for the mums to see me on the school run later," she continues. "They'll be like, 'Wow, I wonder where she's been today?' Nowhere I've been at home trying on a fake fringe. Got all my face make-up on now. I really hope this fringe was worth it.
"Right, here we go. It feels a little bit long. No, that, that can't be right. Let me style it. Why do I look like an Afghan Hound?

Stacey hilariously models the temporary fringe

"Fine, I look great, I just can't see. I look good with my head up, like, if I walk around like this, I don't look so bad. But if I walk around normally I just shake. Oh, wow. That didn't help at all. No, I really wanted this to work. Oh, I just look like a hamster that needs a haircut. No. Ok. Well, that's it. The verdict is, that I should never have a fringe. I don't suit it."

Fans are obsessed with Stacey's reaction to the faux fringe, with many taking to the comment section to say how it made them laugh out loud.

"I’m crying with laughter – the 'Why do I look like an Afghan Hound?’ and 'I look like a hamster that needs a haircut'," one writes.

A second asks: "Anyone else think Stacey looks like Lady Gaga with the fringe?"

Others advise her to play around with the tone of the fringe before dismissing it completely. "Get a toner on it and it will be fab," one urges, while a second says: "You look great with a fringe just maybe a bit more styled and the right colour?"

What do you think – fringe or no fringe on Stace? We don't think it's paw-ful.

By Editor