Blame it on the current resurgence of 90s trends, but the world is currently – quite rightly – obsessed with Jennifer Aniston. The fixation, of course, first started when she first appeared on our screens as Rachel Green in Friends. But while most of the world was crushing over her hair, I was marvelling at her seemingly faultless skin. This obsession continues today.

I recently discovered that one of Jen’s skincare secrets is a facial device called ZIIP, created by her go-to facialist Melanie Simons. The sleek looking gadget – it looks like a sexy computer mouse with two metal probes – uses microcurrent and nanocurrent technology to lift, tone and clear the skin. “I have never seen such a result from a little machine like that,” Aniston told Vogue magazine.

Jennifer Aniston is a fan of the ZIIP

If I wasn’t already sold, Elizabeth Olsen is also a ZIIP fan. She recently told Harpers Bazaar, “[It] helps lift and depuff. This is one of my favourite things to use when my face is really tired."

So when I was invited to experience a facial using said miracle appliance with the ACTUAL Melanie Simons, I have never RSVPed so fast. Recently my face had been looking a bit sad; more slack, less hydrated, a few breakouts – basically, a bit meh. It needed a jolt.

And that’s what I got. The two hours I spent having my skin massaged by this small but mighty device were incredible. And what a joy Melanie was too; informative, knowledgeable and with skin so bouncy and glowy that for a moment I’d forgotten all about Jen. I was sent off with a ZIIP kit so I could continue giving my face the workout it needed at home. Here’s everything you need to know about the face toning tool…

The ZIIP device and the conductive gel it comes with

How does the ZIIP work?

Microcurrent has been a beauty buzzword for some time, but the ZIIP device combines microcurrent with nanocurrent technology. Together they complement each other well, sending tiny electrical currents into the skin; microcurrent focuses on exercising the muscle tone beneath the skin, and nanocurrent enables your cells to repair themselves, resulting in a healthy-looking and radiant complexion.

How do you use the ZIIP?

Before using the ZIIP, you apply a quite sticky conductive gel all over your face and neck – this is packed with actives and transmits the current into the skin. There is also an accompanying app, where you’ll discover lots of different treatments – which are synced to your device via Bluetooth – conducted by Melanie via a video tutorial, focusing on different areas of your face.

The treatments, which are updated regularly, range from “Filtered Finish” to relax and blur lines to “Instant Gratification” for exactly that: an immediate lift. All the other treatments last 14 minutes or less, so you can easily fit it into your routine. My favourites were the Plump, Primer and Contour programmes, which I did one after another.

There are a number of tutorials on the ZIIP app

What does the ZIIP feel like?

At first, the sensation of the ZIIP made me laugh a lot – and sometimes jump a little. Let me explain. You feel a strange tingling feeling as the current passes through your skin that at times causes involuntary quivers – for me it was my lips that especially twitched. I could feel this tingle in my teeth at times too. It’s completely painless, just a little strange at first, and on the whole pleasurable. Using it at home, because I had more control and was used to the sensations, I found the vibration validating – i.e. it’s doing something.

But did it work?

Yes – and no. My jawline didn’t have a snatched “Bella Hadid” appearance, but did appear more taut, my cheekbones seemed lifted and my skin definitely looked brighter, clearer and with less redness. The big thing for me was the glow and the overall rejuvenation of my complexion. My skin looks like it’s had a professional facial every day – and that makes me and my face very, VERY happy.

Beauty editor Charley before (left) and after (right) using the ZIIP for a month

The only downside is that these results come with an A-list price tag, as the ZIIP costs £425 to buy. While effective microcurrent technology will never be super-cheap, here are some (slightly) more affordable options on the market – and keep an eye open for pre- and post-Christmas sales, too…

Magnitone Lift Off Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, £90 here

One of the cheapest we’ve found, this is easy to grip – with two tips at the end of a chunky wand – and takes just five minutes to go over the whole face.

Foreo Bear Mini, £179 here

This teensy device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for travel. In Foreo’s tests, the Bear Mini was clinically proven to improve wrinkles, fine lines and skin firmness in just one week.

These devices also use microcurrent technology

NuFACE Mini +, £175 here

The NuFACE is a microcurrent device that’s a favourite with celebs, and this is its newest little sister, which delivers the same strength of current as the original, just in a more compact size. The NuFACE Mini can also be connected to an accompanying app of treatment tutorials.

Therabody TheraFace PRO, £375 here

OK, this one’s only MARGINALLY cheaper than the ZIIP, but you’re getting a load of other technologies with this new tool. There’s also a cleansing brush, LED light therapy and a version of that muscle-pummeling percussive action that the Therabody’s Theragun is known for.


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