With TikTok and Instagram becoming the main source of many beauty trends, it’s quite nice to see good old celebrity influence still has some sway on what we’re all doing to our complexions. And if anyone knows a thing or two about influence, it’s a Kardashian sister.

Kylie Jenner frequently kicks off trends using products from her own Kylie Cosmetics range, and this month the spotlight is on her Glow Balm Cream Blushers. On her Instagram, Kylie’s been showing off how to nail a “pink under-eye” using her blush in the baby pink shade Doin The Most – and the look has quickly made its way to social media.

Now it seems like everyone is trying out pink under-eyes for themselves. We have to wonder if Kylie got the hack from her MUA, Ariel Tejada, because he’s also been using this particular youth-boosting make-up look on the likes of Joan Smalls and Kim Kardashian.

Kylie, left, and Kim, right, love the pink under-eyes trend

So what are pink under-eyes?

If you saw the “cold girl make-up” trend going viral the other month, this look is basically an extension of that. It involved giving cheeks a flush of baby pink, with that shade continuing up under the eyes and across the bridge of the nose. A pink under-eye fade, if we’re being exact.

The methods of achieving this look vary between experts, but most commonly you apply a light concealer shade under your eyes and on your upper cheekbones. A cream blush is then added to the high points of the cheeks and across the bridge of the nose before a baby pink powder blush is layered over the top. Next is where the magic comes. A light pink setting powder is dusted under the eyes and over the cheeks to give the look a blended, airbrushed effect.

Zoe says:

Zoe wearing the pink under-eyes trend

I’ve seen this trend doing the rounds on TikTok, with most videos showing a picture of Kylie Jenner before the user puts their own take on the look. The results range from flawless to even more flawless, so I had to give it a go for myself.

I’ve never understood how someone can just apply make-up and end up looking like a Charlotte Tilbury model, so I didn’t have high expectations that my pink under-eyes would have the same blended, smooth appearance that Kylie’s always do.

However, I was wrong. With very little skill, I managed to get a lighter, more wearable (for the average non-celeb who has to do Zoom meetings) take on this look. Something about the combination of the baby pink shade of blush with the pink shade of setting powder made me look brighter, healthier and more awake. In fact, I think it made me look younger than I did in my mid-twenties (I’m 30 now).

I think the key is to layer the products gradually. I found I got the best, most natural result by slowly building up the pink shade and spending plenty of time blending the cheeks in with the under-eyes.

Is this a trend I’ll try again? Absolutely. In fact, I’ve whipped out my pink powders almost daily since first giving the look a go last week. Plus, I don’t mean to brag, but I did get asked for ID in Sainsbury's the other day. Huda, I could kiss you.

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