Despite the current celebrity trends for super-thin, 90s-style arches or even fully bleached brows, we think that neat, defined eyebrows will never go out of fashion. And to achieve that, you’ll usually need one of the best brow products in your makeup bag.

There are plenty of different tools of the trade available now, from fibre-tipped pens, perfect for painting on precise strokes to tinted brush-on gels for a quick fix. To find out which REALLY deliver on #browgoals we put them to the test, with the help of our panel of beauty testers. Here are the products that really impressed…

Best brow products to shop in 2024

Best brow pen

Lottie London Arch Rival Microfine Brow Pen, £6.95 here

With a flexible felt tip nib for drawing on hair-like strokes.

Our tester loved this £7 brow pen

Tester Natalie says: “Looks fab once applied. The super fine tip releases quite a lot of colour, but any mistakes can be easily rectified. I was asked where I had had my eyebrows professionally done! It dries quickly and stays smudge-proof all day. I would buy this again as it is easy to apply, a good colour match for my brows and looks natural when applied.” 4/5

Best on a budget

Collection incrediBROW Semi-Permanent Brow Gel, £4.99 here

Available in two shades, apply with the angled end of the brush then comb through with the spoolie.

"On my work call my team noticed my new brows," said our tester

Tester Lynn says: “I found this easy to apply, with a nice small brush that enabled me to capture the smaller hairs at the end of my brows. The look was natural and went on evenly – really pleased with it. On my work call my team noticed my new brows and said I looked fresh and wide awake. It only gets four stars as you may need to reapply again if you’re going out in the evening.” 4/5

Best pomade

Benefit POWmade Brow Pomade, £18.50 here

Waterproof and smudge-proof, apply this with a small angled brush for best results.

"Several people have noted that I look less tired when I’ve worn this," said our tester

Tester Ginny says: “I LOVE this product! Once you've left the house your brows are set for the day – I've fiddled and rubbed them and they haven't shifted, without looking drawn on. Several people have noted that I look less tired when I’ve worn this. I thought I didn't have the artistry required to produce great looking brows, however this product makes it easy if you're prepared to go slow at first.” 5/5

Best nourishing brow product

Barry M Ultra Brow 2-in-1 Defining Browliner & Nourishing Serum, £9.99 here

Combining the instantly transformative effects of make-up with the nourishing properties of a brow serum.

This contains nourishing ingredients to encourage hair growth

Beauty director Lynne says: “Once I’d got the hang of it (you can’t be too heavy handed with the strokes), this gave a look similar to freshly tinted brows, which I really liked. It doesn’t provide any hold, so I’ve been combining it with a clear fixing gel. I’m letting this product absorb fully first though, as I’m keen to see if the promised growth-boosting element can help fatten my naturally skinny brows. Here’s hoping.” 4/5

Best long-wear

Wonderskin Dream Brow Gel-Serum, £19 here

A brush-through tinted serum with “colour locking technology” and hair-strengthening ingredients. Promises budge-proof brows for a full 24 hours.

This long-wear formula impressed OK!'s beauty director

Lynne says: “This is so impressive. It thickens brows, REALLY locks them in place and the tints are good too. For once, the dark brunette shade is actually that, not a bit grey-tinged. It’s slightly fiddly, as you need to paint the tint on, then shape using the separate mini brush (tiny and sure to go missing). However once it’s on, the colour and hold lasts all day. Finally, a tint that stopped my brows going droopy and gappy!” 5/5

Best multitasker

Iconic London Triple Precision Brow Definer, £22 here

Three products tucked into one, this contains a felt tip pen, an angled pencil and a spoolie.

Three brow products in one

Tester Lucy says: “I love big, bushy yet natural looking brows, and this product achieved that. I was impressed by the easy application of the pen and how my brows lasted all day – I didn't want to wash them off! I found the pencil end a bit hard so I stuck to the pen end, and then styled my brows with the brush for a fluffy, dramatic look. My friends asked me if I had my brows laminated or tinted – I obviously recommended this product!” 4/5

Best for a laminated look

NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue, currently on sale for £6.75 here

Promising to lift and stick up your brows for a laminated look.

This clear gel has been a hit on TikTok

Tester Hiromi says: “This feels quite sticky on application but dried well and set my brows for the day, and the mini mascara style wand was easy to use. I was surprised at how well it held, and it looked really natural. It’s a great product and does what it says on the tin – I just wish it came in a larger tube!” 5/5

Best smudge-proof

Diego Dalla Palma Microblading Eyebrow Pen, £18 here

Promising a natural looking yet heat-, sweat- and humidity-proof finish.

This claims to replicate the effects of a microblading treatment

Tester Colleen says: “This has to be one of the best eyebrow enhancing make-up products I've ever used. The pen design makes application easy, and the four tips create eyebrow-like strokes. It stays put for hours – it didn't melt off during the hot weather nor did it run in the rain. A friend asked me how I get my eyebrows so defined and perfect, and she bought the pen there and then! This will now be a staple for me.” 5/5

Best tinted brow gel

Rose Inc Brow Renew Enriched Tinted Shaping Gel, £19.50 here

A conditioning brow gel from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s make-up line, available in four shades, plus a clear version.

The gel gives a very pretty, natural effect

Tester Melissa says: “This filled in the gaps on my faded microbladed brows very well. The wand is also the perfect size and easy to use. I love using just a little slick for work to neaten my brows and help keep them in place. It stays on without smudging, and it can be built up for a deeper colour and a more defined look." 5/5

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