It’s pretty standard for a mascara to promise “drama” – but L’Oréal’s latest has taken it to a whole new level. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Lift, £12.99 here, has blown up all over TikTok, after influencer Mikayla Nogueira posted a demo with results so impressive that some claim she’s cheating.

Cue viral storm, with people lining up both sides of the debate. In short, it’s the biggest beef in TikTok beauty since the spat over Jones Road’s “unblendable” What The Foundation. But what’s going on, and what’s the truth about this so-called “life changing” mascara?

In a video now seen nearly 40 million times, the US influencer marvels over the mascara, gasping, “This literally just changed my life. This looks like false lashes – what? How?”

The answer to that last remark – according to her doubters – is that Mikayla has added a few individual lashes to boost the “after” shot. One commentator noted, “Well, I won’t buy the mascara, but I added Ardell Wispies to cart.” Meanwhile numerous TikTokers posted their own videos, sharing either their scepticism or support.

TikTok influencer Mikayla Nogueira has divided opinion with her video

The whole #mascaragate furore is stirred up further by the fact Mikayla’s video is a paid partnership with L’Oréal Paris in the US. There’s currently been no comment from the brand itself, so obviously there’s only one way to get to the heart of the matter – by trying it out myself.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Telescopic has an interesting backstory, even without the TikTok scandal. The mascara has been 15 years in the making, and promises to make lashes look a mighty 5mm longer. That’s down to the “double hook” wand design, with one side to lather on the lash-plumping ceramide formula and the other to catch every single lash and hoik it skywards.

Lynne shows her results from L'Oréal's new Telescopic Lift mascara

As somebody who’s tried pretty much every mascara on the market, I’ve got to say I’m instantly impressed. The formula goes on super-black, giving rich, non-clumpy definition in a single coat. Forget wiggling away at a dry and dusty formula; this one’s effortless.

But it’s the second pass with the magic lifting hook that really sets this one apart. If Telescopic has a motto, it should be: “No lash left behind!” Suddenly, even my teensy, wispy weedy lashes in the inner corners are earning their keep, while the longer lashes are hoisted up and saying hello to my eyebrows.

It held up well in the life-proof stakes too. Okay, I’m yet to put it to a severe trauma test of tears and/or sweat, but it stayed in the right place, without flaking or smudging, throughout the course of a regular day.

Before and after results from the mascara

It also won the seal of approval from my 12 year old who demanded to know if I had extensions on, and then quietly stole it for herself. “Well I had to, it’s THAT one…” she explained, three unauthorised layers later, quite happy to break school uniform rules for the kudos of wearing TikTok’s most notorious mascara for double maths.

So, do I have any hot take on social media’s most scorching row? Hmm. For reasons of legality and sanity, I think I’m going to do the only sensible thing and leave TikTok to its “Did she/didn’t she?” squabble.

But what I can say without a doubt is that Telescopic is my favourite new mascara of the year, with amazing results for length and lift. It's given me a fantastic false lash effect, and that’s definitely not fake news.


By Editor